Oriental Ambient: Asian Home Decor

Oriental Ambient: Asian Home Decor

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Asian interior design is all about harmony, equilibrium and beauty. See here how you can have all this in your home!

Asian Home Decor: Floor Cushion

Asian home decor is another interior design style that will surprise you. It’s definitely not the style for you if you expect something opulent, luxurious or ostentatious. Asian home decor combines elements from various countries to obtain a wonderful, relaxed and harmonious style! The Japanese calm, the Chinese wisdom and other local treasures mix and intertwine among quality materials, flexible wood furniture and beautiful colors. See here how easy it is to create an Asian home decor right into your home!

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In general, the Asian home decor respects the principle of simplicity. Therefore, the furniture has to be light and quite minimalist, so as not to occupy much space. Bamboo is a very used element in this culture zone, and it can be found not only in furniture items, but also in decorations. Tables used, whether in the kitchen or the living room, are very low. And if you’re wondering why, just remember the Japanese custom of eating almost on the floor. Following the same idea, the rest of the furniture items cannot be very big or bulky either, so you will have to use sleek designs for couches, armchairs, beds and so on.

The decorations are also a very important part of creating an accurate Asian home decor. Since we mentioned earlier the couches and the armchairs, you might want to know that an alternative to these are the comfortable floor pillows. They are much easier to handle and to move, depending on the number of people you want to seat, but they also help in creating a light design that does not clutter the room or make it look heavy from an aesthetical point of view.

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And now to one of the most important problems when creating a home design: what colors to choose? Generally, the color scheme should suggest tranquility and to help in creating an oasis of relaxation amid the hustle and bustle of the city. For this purpose, neutral colors are always recommended, such as beige, pale yellow, gray, white and other variations. Of course, for a lively decor you can combine them with one main bright color, usually dark red, but it can be replaced with dark browns, chocolate shades or orange hues. What’s the most important is that you have to keep the harmony of the design, which means placing a certain color in a certain amount throughout the room and to create a nice atmosphere through relaxing colors.

Finally, note that an Asian home decor needs to include some plants too. Although they’re optional, it is certainly recommended to place some potted plants throughout the room, in strategic places. Not only they would make for a great design, but they also add a touch of freshness in the room, plus they’re very healthy for the environment in the house. You can even choose beautiful and big flowers to decorate the room if you want more colors, but it is advisable not to go for very bright and different ones, since they will ruin the aspect of the entire decor.

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