10 Original ideas for Christmas Decorations

10 Original ideas for Christmas Decorations

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For those of you who are tired of the classical decorations, it is time to try some original Christmas decorations this year. Whether made from wood, candy or glass, they are truly unique and impressive.

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If you are tired of all the classic decorations everybody uses this time of the year, you might want to think about some original Christmas decorations that will not only embellish the house and the tree, but they will also challenge your imagination and impress your guests. Have a look at the following suggestions and decide which ones will make their way into your home this winter!

Candy canes. Yes, they are really good, but you can also use them as decorations in your Christmas tree or in a vase. The effect will be unusual, but also beautiful.

Pinecones. Why buy expensive and kitsch decorations, when you can creatively use pinecones, which you can find almost anywhere? Use them to give a more natural air to your Christmas tree, to decorate the dinner table or simply your house.

Lighted willow branches. Either if you buy them or make them yourself, they can easily decorate any corner of your house and you will be happy knowing that you have original Christmas decorations around.

Gift pillows. Give a new air to your decorative pillows this winter by wrapping them in a colorful sweater and adding ribbons to them, just like you do with presents. They are really original and fun.

Kids’ toys. Whether you have children or not, you may use toys as decorations. Small Santa Clauses can really cheer up a room and bring about the spirit of the holidays. Their colors are great and they will totally be an effective way to make original Christmas decorations.

Fruit Decorations. You can buy them made of ceramic, or you can really dry fruits and hang them in your Christmas tree. An orange slice, for instance, will nicely decorate your tree but it will also leave a nice smell in the room.

Real logs. Yes, you can use real logs for decorating. Besides placing them in your fireplace, you can place a big log on your table. Also, sculpt it so that you can place candles in small places all over it.

Lantern filled with balls. Try filling a lantern with Christmas balls in one color or more. The effect is really nice and the effort is very little for original Christmas decorations.

Paper and clothespins. Use combinations of paper and clothespins to create round garlands to hang around. Paint them in a nice color and no one will notice what they’re made of.

Mirrors. Use mirrors to decorate the Christmas dinner table and place candles on them. The candle light will be reflected all around the table and the other colorful decorations will be highlighted better.

Nuts. Use nuts to shape a nice Christmas star. If you fix them into place, you can hang the stars on your front door for a really original Christmas decoration.

Wooden decorations. Wooden stars, for instance, are really interesting, especially if you choose a reddish or beige shade of wood. They are really elegant and bring an element of novelty in your Christmas tree. Add some glitter and you’re good to go!

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