Paris Home Design Ideas

Paris Home Design Ideas

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Feel the French atmosphere in the comfort of your own home in a room that looks just like in Paris!

Paris Home Design Ideas: Elegant Bedroom

Paris, the fabulous city of lights and of lovers, has always been an icon for style, especially in fashion. But who says that does not apply to interior design too? Au contraire, as French say, Paris remains an icon even when it comes to arranging a home. For this reason we thought it might be interesting to have a look at some Paris home design ideas, even if you don’t live there.

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  1. Delicate decorations. Although these are mainly used for feminine bedrooms or rooms, you can also use delicate decorations for men’s bedrooms or living rooms. Delicate doesn’t necessarily mean pink and lace, it can also mean neutral colors and slightly more elegant materials. Also, if you don’t want a room to look like a teenager’s, but still you want to have a French look indoors, you can just add some small satin or velvet bows here and there.

Paris Home Design Ideas: Paris Decorations

  1. French theme. Even if you don’t have a particularly French style in the room or if you simply want to turn the existing one into a romantic decor, you can get around it with some French themed accessories. Pictures from your trip to France (or from the Internet), small decorations shaped like Tour Eiffel or Arc de Triomphe. Some people prefer to use decorative cushions with French images sewn on them.
  1. Elegant colors. Perhaps one of the easiest one of the Paris home design ideas is to use elegant colors. Even if you can’t afford high quality or luxurious furniture, using elegant colors can mask this adequately. Elegant colors include, but are not limited to beige, warm browns, dark browns, dark reds, satin shades, gold, silver and so on. You can tone them down a little if you don’t want your home to look like a ballroom by using neutral colors: white, black, gray and others.

Paris Home Design Ideas: Elegant Colors

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  1. Use textiles. This is another easy one of the Paris home design ideas: simply use more textiles in the room than you would normally. If you’re decorating the living room, make sure the curtains are bolder than usual. If you want a French bedroom, you should add an elegant and classy canopy. Other ideas include cushions, delicate rugs etc. Pro tip: if you want a truly special effect, you can combine the textiles with mirrors. Of course, the mirrors have to be extra elegant, just like the ones in the beautiful French palaces.

Paris Home Design Ideas: Textiles

  1. Include art objects. If you’re not an art fan, but you want to decorate your home in a French style, you should become one! Make sure to include in your home design paintings, sculptures and any other forms of art you like. The main reason is that they bring a high-end atmosphere around and make any dull room look suddenly more interesting. However, remember to match any art item to the rest of the decor (for instance, don’t bring a surrealist sculpture to an oriental or elegant room).

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