Pastel Interior Design Ideas

Pastel Interior Design Ideas

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Are you curious how does a pastel design look like? We can tell you, awesome! So check out our tips on how to obtain such a design with minimum effort!

Pastel Interior Design Ideas: Modern Look

Pastel is a great idea for those who want their home to be an oasis of relaxation. And the great part is that you can have any color in a pastel shade, which allows you to use any combination for your interior decor. What’s even more fascinating about this style is the fact that you can use bright colors with such a pastel background whenever you want to brighten up your design. Let’s see some of our pastel interior design ideas!

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1. Use pastel for the walls. Since it is quite hard to find pastel furniture unless you make it yourself, a better idea would be to go for pastel on the walls. Whether you choose wallpapers (we’ll talk about this later on) or simple paint, you can choose any color you prefer for the walls. Being pastel, they will work perfectly with neutral colors in the furniture, such as white, black or grey. If you want a more elegant outcome, we would recommend you to choose black furniture items.

Pastel Interior Design Ideas: Beautiful Colors

2. Decorations. One of the best pastel interior design ideas is to use bright decorations. Since you have neutral furniture and pastel walls, you can totally have colorful spots with the cushions, rugs and other decorations you want. You can even match the shades: for instance, you can have pale blue on the walls, and complete the image with dark blue cushions on the white couch. Although it might seem much, matching colors will create a beautiful harmony for your decor.

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3. Wallpapers. Although simple paint is a valid option too, sometimes wallpapers offer you a greater freedom. For instance, you can choose lots of patterns on them that can help you enhance the style of the room. You can go for a floral theme all over the place, starting from flowers on the wallpaper and continuing with patterns on cushions and rugs, which will make a nice contrast with the pastel background.

Pastel Interior Design Ideas: Great Design

4. Different styles. There are several pastel interior design ideas and styles you can try, even by using the same colors in a room. You will be surprised to see how fast the style and look of a room can change! Pastel is a great background for a luxurious style, and you can easily obtain it by adding a crystal chandelier or golden touches here and there, including tassels or prints.

5. Glass. Although this might seem an unusual suggestion, glass is a great combination for pastel designs. Not only that it enhances the natural light in the room, but it also makes the design shinier and more elegant. Plus it’s easy to incorporate glass into your design: a chandelier, mirrors, or small pieces of glass glued on several decorations: vases, special nightstands, lampshades and more. Paintings and large mirrors are always welcomed, being a touch of color and light in your interior design.

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Pastel Interior Design Ideas: Airy Atmosphere


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