Photo Decorations You Should Use in Your Home

Photo Decorations You Should Use in Your Home

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If you are tired of classic and standard decorations in your home, get creative and make your own decorations using photos!

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Whether you want to make a room more personal or you simply can’t find the right wallpaper, photo decorations are a great idea. You can either you use your personal photos of yourself or pics with your family, but you can also choose beautiful pictures on the Internet. Moreover, you can use photos that represent your hobbies, like traveling, gardening, reading and so on.

One idea of how you can use photo decorations is to arrange them on a board. Pin them to a board and hang it on the wall if you’re not comfortable with gluing or sticking them directly on the wall. Alternatively, you can fix them on a rope and hang the rope around. Be creative and use colored small decorations on that rope or even apply them directly on the pictures.

However, if you don’t have any problem to putting the pictures directly on the walls, you can create wonderful designs for them. For instance, you can place them in the shape of a heart if you are romantic. Small circles or squares are also a good idea to arrange the photos.

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You can even form words using pictures. Place them in the shape of motivational messages, like “Live Laugh Love”, for instance, or your name. Your imagination is the only limit in photo decorations! Moreover, you can split a design on two walls, like half a heart on one wall and the other half on another.

If you have so many pictures that you can’t decide which ones to use for the decor and which not, you can simply use them all. Cover up an entire wall with your favorite photos and create one of the most customized photo decorations! If you choose a symmetrical and organized style for the pictures, the advantage is that the room will look tidier. If you decide on a random placement of the pictures on the wall, this design will look more personal and informal, so it’s best for the bedroom or kids room.

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Looking for a special effect on photo decorations? You can take a lighter and slightly burn the edges of the photos. You obtain a wonderful vintage effect that’s even more underlined if you choose to use black and white pictures. And since we’re talking about colors, you can thematically arrange the pictures: in one corner you can place black and white ones, somewhere else you can put seaside pictures and so on. Otherwise, you can place seaside pictures in the bathroom, relaxing ones in the bedroom and energetic ones in the living room.

Last but not least, some original ideas would be to make photo decorations along with lights or hanging stripes. You can place some Christmas lights and hang the photos on them or you can use some hanging colorful paper or cloth stripes. Simply hang them from the ceiling and fix the photos on them with glue or beautiful bows. Good luck decorating the rooms in a personal manner!

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