Purple Kitchen Design Tips for This Spring

Purple Kitchen Design Tips for This Spring

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Brighten up your kitchen by trying a purple design for those days when you need something to wake you up together with your coffee!

Purple Kitchen Design: Purple and Lime

Purple, the color of royalty, is a wonderful idea for a kitchen design. Don’t be afraid to use it simply because it’s too bright, because your kitchen can be very fresh and it has to be helpful in waking you up in the morning. More than that, a bright color makes you more interested in what you’re eating, so it’s not at all a bad idea to choose a purple kitchen design.

An important thing you should know before choosing a purple kitchen design is to not overdo it. This color can be very energizing, but if you exaggerate in using it, it can become really tiring for the eyes. Therefore, it is advisable to combine it with other hues, more neutral or at least less bright. Create a nice blend using your imagination! In this sense, purple and white make for a wonderful combination, a lighter one, while the mix between purple and black might be a little too elegant for the kitchen.

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Of course, for those of you want a home decor statement in the kitchen, you can combine purple with any other color you want. There are also kitchen designs with purple and lime green, although it’s a very bright mix. Even so, the result may beĀ  very beautiful as long as you respect some norms, such as don’t use more than two-three shades or balance the decorations and the furniture.

A complete purple kitchen design is nicely complemented by the lights. If you use normal white light, you might want to place some purple neon lights around the kitchen. Although during the day you will need the usual light, the special purple one can be used in the evening, for a romantic dinner or when you feel like having a more mysterious atmosphere in your home. Who wouldn’t want to spoil his/her lover with a special dinner in a romantic atmosphere?

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Otherwise, if you’re really a fan of this color, you can make a purple kitchen design with only purple shades. Instead of white or another neutral color, you can use a very pale purple hue that merges well with other bright shades. This option gives you more freedom, since you can basically choose lots of shades for the furniture and decorations, without worrying about having one certain color.

Last but not least, you should pay attention to textures too. If you want to go for shiny surfaces, you should make sure that this element is found equally throughout the kitchen. That means that you can’t combine wooden furniture with glossy furniture, unless you know very well that they work together. Likewise, you can’t place furniture items from different sets in a purple kitchen design because you would ruin the entire harmony and beauty of that room. Remember not to clutter the room, otherwise it will eclipse the aspect of the design you put so much effort into it. Good luck in achieving a wonderful decor with purple shades!

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