Repurposed Furniture – the Solution for Easy Redecorating

Repurposed Furniture – the Solution for Easy Redecorating

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Repurposing furniture is a growing trend in the latest years which allows for creativity when it comes to saving space, money and effort in redecorating.

Pet bed

Everybody needs a change every once in a while, and that includes the decorations around the house too. But why spend money over and over again on different pieces of furniture, when you can obtain some beautiful and useful repurposed furniture from what you already have? Repurposed furniture is a growing trend in 2015, since more and more people are concerned with the environment and with wasting resources.

Repurposed furniture is something easy to do even by yourself, case in which it can wear a personal and unique touch. If you don’t feel like working for it, you can always hire someone or buy it ready-made, although you have to admit it will not have the same meaning for you. Here are some examples of repurposed furniture as inspiration:

From sewing machine to beauty table. If you have inherited an old sewing machine from your grandparents but you can’t throw it away and don’t know what to do with it, it’s a great idea to repurpose it. Transform it into a beauty table for make-up kits and jewelry by removing the actual machine and painting it as you wish. Add some pearls, ribbons or other decorations and that’s it!

Pet Bed. Any nightstand can become a great pet bed if you turn it upside down and place a comfortable pillow on it. Optionally, you can remove the legs or shorten them, or you can adorn them to give your pet an extra occupation or place to play.

Piano Desk. If you have a piano in the house and for various reasons you don’t use it (that often), repurposed furniture should be the solution for you. Transform it into a desk for when you work and you save some space. More than that, the wood is really qualitative and it has an elegant air. Alternatively, you can use it to store away things on it or as a tea table.

Old Counters. Use the old counters as closets and shelves for kids’ toys or clothes. You can even let them to have access to it and organize it as they wish, thing that will help them much more than keeping a huge drawer just for them and not helping them to organize.

Child Bed. After your child will grow up, you might want to reuse the child bed and transform it into a nice working desk for him. Lift the middle part higher and paint it in a darker shade. You can even add several drawers to this repurposed furniture item and help the kids organize.

Patio Couch. Use pallets to create your own flexible and creative furniture. Stack them together and place some cushions above for a great patio couch. More guests? No problem! Rearrange the pallets and you get several chairs or even a larger couch if you store away several more pallets.

Kitchen Cabinet. An old kitchen cabinet can make a great support for a plank of wood and this is how you get a nice kitchen table. Paint it in a bright color and you’ll have a great repurposed furniture item around!

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