Romantic and Modern? What About Modern Fireplaces?

Romantic and Modern? What About Modern Fireplaces?

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Try a new and original combination by blending in romantic and modern styles in your home!

Modern Fireplaces: Bright Flames

Maybe the times have changed, but romance is not dead. It’s just reinvented! And this applies for your home decor too. If you have a problem if you think that your interior design should be modern, but you also miss the charm of old fireplaces, we have the solution for you: modern fireplaces! Yes, it may sound a little bit strange, but read on and you’ll find out how you can beautifully combine old and new!

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First of all, modern fireplaces do not depend only on wood anymore. Times have changed, and so have the fire sources. Nowadays they are connected to gas pipes and can be lit automatically or even using a remote. Alternatively, you can still use wood pieces if you are nostalgic. Truth be told, burnt wood has a certain charm and completely changes the atmosphere in the room, although you have to be very careful when using natural wood for burning. Alternatively, you can find on the market fireplaces that work with electricity and may have real flames there or fake ones. You can also use light bulbs in warm colors to mimic the effect of flames in a fireplace.

In what concerns the design of modern fireplaces, you have to know that it goes along the lines of any modern design. They have to have straight and sleek designs, although you can also go for rounded shape designs. The colors are generally neutral, usually black, white or grey. Be creative and original and make the fireplace the center of attention in a living room by choosing a vivid color for it, like bright red or even orange or yellow.

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You can let your imagination run wild when you choose modern fireplaces in your home design! You have the freedom to choose where you place it and how. For instance, you can choose to integrate it completely in your wall and mount it a little bit higher than the floor. This option has the advantage that it saves you some space in the living room and you don’t need to make any other adjustments in the room, though you certainly need to think it ahead and plan its placement without affecting the resistance structure inside the walls. Another option would be to make it come out of the wall, which offers you a great freedom to create a proper frame for it.

Last but not least, the materials for modern fireplaces must be modern. Usually they are made from materials that imitate glass, but you can also find modern shapes for fireplaces made of warm wood or neutrally colored materials. You can also choose a metallic edgy design to fit a more aggressive living room design if you’re into this kind of style. In this case, dark grey and even metallic or shiny decorations on it can do a great job and help you with creating a beautiful effect in the room. Whatever option suits your taste, make sure that it fits the rest of the decor in the room and don’t forget to enjoy a romantic evening in front of a modern fireplace!

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