Secret Hiding Places Around the House

Secret Hiding Places Around the House

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Everybody needs a secret hiding place around the house to keep valuables away from burglars or even children. Here you have some tips on this!

Hollowed books

We all need some secret hiding places around the house to keep our valuables. If you don’t want to hide too much, you can go for a safe, which is probably the safest, but also the most obvious place where you could keep anything important. If you don’t like this idea, you might want to know some special secret hiding places that no one will think about. Read on for more tips!

Under the Cabinets. People usually look under the cabinets, but for a smart hide you can use fake wall to cover the hiding place. If you can make the cabinet door slide up and down and reveal the hiding place, that’s even better!

Fake Outlets. Seriously, probably this is one of the best secret hiding places! Who would even think of looking for valuables in an outlet?! Although the place can be quite small, you can keep here some emergency money, jewelry or important information you need.

Hollowed Books. Hollow out old books you don’t need and place them in the bookcase among regular books. Nobody will take every book away to search in it, but here you will need to remember exactly what book you used in this purpose.

Basement Hiding Place. Another subtle example of secret hiding places, a hollow under the floor similar to the basement can be a great idea. Here you can store bigger valuables, and the only danger is that a potential thief can hear the hollow space underneath the floor.

Plant Pots. If you have a garden, for sure you have some plant pots around, so why not use them in a smart way? Use a sealable bag and store away jewelry or money when you’re away during the holidays, for instance. The more pots you have, the harder will be for anyone to find the hidden items.

Fake plants. You can even buy fake plants from the shop and even a fake-bottom pot, if you’re not in the mood of doing it yourself. It’s much easier than burying valuables in the soil in the pot and the plant looks just like it’s real, so you don’t need to worry.

In the kitchen. You can hide money or small jewelry among kitchen ingredients you store away. Who would think to find a golden ring in the bean jar, for instance? The smarter and more creative you get when looking for secret hiding places, the safer your objects will be when you’re not around!

Picture frame. Quite childish and simple, but not many burglars think of trying the picture frame to see if it can hide something in it. The bigger the frame (and of course, the painting), the bigger the space for storing away valuables!

Whatever option you choose, make sure that it’s as safe as possible. Don’t tell anyone about it and check it from time to time when you’re alone. If you want something to be extremely safe, you can go to the bank and deposit it there, or you can make an insurance for that object.

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