Simple Guide on How to Store Your Magazines

Simple Guide on How to Store Your Magazines

Tired of putting your magazines wherever you can? Or not finding them when you need an information? Learn to organize them!

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Whether you’re into gardening, crocheting, architecture, history or simply reading, and you don’t have enough space in your home, you need some ideas on how to store your magazines. More often than not, your bookcase has become insufficient, so you need other solutions to store them. For this we prepared a list of ideas to free up your space!

How to Store Your Magazines: Shelves

1. Under the desk. Many people don’t really need the leg space under the desk, whether because of the position of the chair or other reasons. That’s why it would be a shame not to repurpose it and to fill up the space: and magazines are perfect for this! You can make different stashes and organize them on domains or chronologically, without occupying useful space in your house. More than that, they’re easily accessible, which is great if you need them for your work.

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2. Add shelves in a corner. We’re sure that there are lots of corners in your house that you don’t use, so why waste good space when you could repurpose it? Improvise some shelves or buy some adequate furniture to store in a proper manner the magazines. Even the small corners you would have thought never to be used can be valued and used to store away magazines.

How to Store Your Magazines: Unusual bookshelves

3. Choose an unusual bookshelf. Sometimes the regular bookshelf doesn’t use the space adequately for the magazines you want to store, so an unusual shape might prove to be more useful. Those built in angles or in round shapes, depending on the sizes of the magazines you own, might be even better in organizing your home than the classic rectangular furniture items. If you can’t find one, perhaps you can craft it yourself if you’re a fan of do-it-yourself projects.

4. Take advantage of the windowsill. Many people overlook this space in their homes, but it’s a great idea if you want to know how to store your magazines. Unless you have pots there, you can perfectly take advantage of them and stack the piles there, totally out of your way and not using other important spaces. More than that, it doesn’t get in your way when you don’t need it and it’s easily accessible.

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5. Baskets are good not only for storing away small things, but also for your magazines. If you have that many magazines, you can organize them in different baskets according to the brand, the year or anything else. In this way, you’ll know exactly where to find them when you want to read.

How to Store Your Magazines: On the wall

6. Fake fireplace. Fake fireplaces are a great design idea, offering a really interesting look in a room. But if you’re sick of using it only for the design, a good option is to store away your magazines. You can be sure to find them at the exact same place and they won’t look unnatural placed there. However, for this you would have to sacrifice the impeccable look of the faux fireplace, so think well.

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