Small Guide on How to Choose Your Curtains

Small Guide on How to Choose Your Curtains

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The curtains are more important than you'd think when it comes to interior decor, so think well before choosing them!

How to choose your curtains: Light Colors

It is important to think well before choosing your curtains, for several reasons. One of them would be that they are decisive in reinforcing the color scheme you have chosen for that room, but take into account also how well they keep light at bay when you need dark inside. See here what criteria you need to take into consideration when you think about how to choose your curtains.

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1. How to choose your curtains depending on the color. The color is very important if you decide to use curtains in any room in the house. Generally, you have to respect the rest of the colors in the design around, but theoretically, it’s up to you whatever combination you go for. If you want not to think too much about it, choose neutral colors that usually complement well any other colors. Otherwise, reinforce the secondary one in the room with the curtains.

2. How to choose your curtains depending on the fabric. This is a little bit more problematic, since not everybody knows exactly how to choose the perfect fabric for curtains. Ideally, it should be thick enough to fall nicely, but thin enough not to look heavy. You can try this right in the store where you’re buying the fabric from: take a longer piece of fabric, crumple it and then let it drape. This is how you see how good the fabric is and how the curtains are going to look. If you’re the practical type, silky rayon and cotton sateen should be just find, but for those who want a more casual atmosphere, the right options are linen or crushed velvet.

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3. How to choose your curtains depending on the pattern and the print. A golden rule of that is never to make the room look heavy. For instance, if you already have patterned furniture or other massive decorations, you might want to choose solid-color curtains. They will vary the aspect a little bit and make it more interesting. Otherwise, if all the other items in the room are solid, choose curtains with crazy patterns or prints on them. The limit is only your imagination!

4. How to choose your curtains depending on the length. Here we will give you a precious advice any interior designer knows: the higher you place the hanging panel above the window, the taller the room will appear. This is very useful if you have a small house or if you want to make it appear even taller (some say ideally you should place it six inches above the window frame). For a modern look, you should make them longer than the distance to the floor and let them puddle there. If, however, you’re a fan of a more traditional interior design, you should make them right until the floor starts or a little bit above that. Also, make sure they are wide enough so as you don’t have any surprises with a creeping light or anything similar.

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