Space Saving Ideas for a Better House Organizing

Space Saving Ideas for a Better House Organizing

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Space saving is a thing more and more people are looking for these days, when the rule is to be as effective as possible in organizing your house.

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Nowadays, since it’s the era of saving time, everybody looks for furniture that is as effective as possible: it doesn’t take up much space and it does as many things as possible. The same goes for appliances too, no more bulky machines, we look for multifunctional ones that are sleek and save a lot of space. However, everybody needs some space saving ideas to properly organize all the things we need to store around the house and not only.

Under the stairs. Many people overlook this precious space that’s hidden under the stairs or prefer to keep it for cleaning products, mops and so on. But if you actually divided it into several compartments and store clothes or shoes, you would really see the difference.

Stair drawers. What if every stair was a drawer? That would mean so much space! This is probably theĀ  best of the space saving ideas, mainly because it frees some space that is already there, but it’s not being used. Sure, that would mean some changes made to the stairs if you did not design them like that from the beginning, but it’s a small effort compared to the benefits.

Sofa bunk bed. For the living rooms where there’s not enough space and you want to offer your guests a nice place to sleep or for a guest room that can be quickly freed, a sofa bunk bed is the perfect idea. The advantage that makes it one of the best space saving ideas is that it can be easily taken to a different room, changed, enlarged or moved.

Modular furniture. This is a new technology that helps in space saving ideas, designed mainly for students rooms, but it can be used in any house, especially the smaller ones where every inch is valuable. It’s probably the most flexible piece of furniture you can ever see, since you can transform it from desk and table to couch and bed, suitable for every need you might have.

Fold-up bed or table. Often seen in movies, these are great for saving a lot of space. Of course you don’t use the bed all day long, so why keep it there to occupy a lot of space for nothing when you can fold it up and out of your way? Just think of a party, after you’re done eating and so on, if you want to dance, you can easy move the food and fold up the table and that’s it!

Ironing board mirror. This is actually a brilliant idea, and it’s one you can even do it yourself. It saves you a lot of space if you think about it: instead of occupying a wall with a whole mirror, you can use that wall to place some shelves or counters and find some more storing space. Why occupy space with the ironing board when you can simply place it vertically and use it as a mirror in the rest of the time you’re not ironing? Truly one of the best space saving ideas!


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