Spanish Interior Decor Ideas

Spanish Interior Decor Ideas

For those who want to live in Spain wherever they are, Spanish design is a great idea!

Spanish Interior Decor: Mediterranean Atmosphere

Many people love having a Spanish interior decor even though if they don’t live in Spain. And if you’re asking yourself why is that, you should know that this is an amazing blend of light decorations and elegance, not to mention the specific Spanish air that helps the room be a more relaxed surrounding. But let’s see what actually defines the Spanish interior decor style and how you can obtain it!

1. Light colors. As we said, the Spanish style is light and relaxed. Of course, it uses warm and light colors, like smooth yellows, warm browns, shades of red and pastel colors. Choose your favorite color and a soft shade and you can integrate it into a Spanish decor. Combine them with white or beige and you’ll have a perfect decor for a relaxing living room or bedroom.

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2. Use natural light. Pastel colors reflect best natural light, so for a great room in a Spanish style, make sure you have large windows or doors. This doesn’t only help you in creating that airy atmosphere typical for the Mediterranean, but it’s also very healthy and it saves you some money for the electricity bill.

3. Patterns. Spanish designs usually use lots of patterns to decorate surfaces. Whether we’re talking about wallpapers, cushions, rugs or any other thing you can think about in your room, you can safely use patterns. In general, they are very cute decorative ones and consist mainly in geometrical round shapes or natural elements, such as flowers. Big red flowers are a commonly encountered pattern in this type of design, so you might want to consider them.

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4. Furniture. The furniture has to continue the light idea of the rest of the design, so light wood is highly recommended. Here though, you can switch to darker colors to balance things a little bit. Black furniture can prove to be actually elegant, besides the warm brown ones. White furniture is also a good idea, or similar colors, but you have to make sure the overall aspect isn’t dull from all the light colors. One trick you can use is to place colorful accents here and there to balance the design.

5. Decorations. Spanish people love to decorate their homes! And thankfully, there are lots of options you can choose from when going for this type of interior design: paintings, sculptures, plants and basically anything you can think of. Whatever helps in making the design livelier, it’s perfect! However, make sure the design keeps some harmony and that you don’t ruin the balance by using different patterns that are strong visually.

6. Round shapes. Whether we’re talking about walls, arcades, windows or simply patterns on several items, the Spanish style is often based on round shapes which inspire a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Plus they’ re classic and you can’t fail if you use them in several spots around the room, so go for it!

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