Steps to an Aztec Home Decor

Steps to an Aztec Home Decor

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Check out the way in which you can recreate an Aztec home decor in your own home!

Aztec Home Decor: Modern Aztec Decor

Aztec culture is a wonderful one that has deep roots. Its traditional characteristics and typical patterns make for a great interior design. Even though probably the Aztecs didn’t decorate their homes like we do, it is indeed a nice experiment to integrate traditional patterns into your interior design. Plus, it really makes you use your imagination and creativity. Let’s see some ideas you can definitely take advantage of!

First of all, patterns are a must when it comes to Aztec home decor. Geometrical designs can be integrated easily in a colorful medium. You can model everything in the room based on geometry, from edgy furniture (which can help you in creating a hybrid modern Aztec home decor too) to similar rugs and cushions. In general, textiles are very easy to combine in various shapes, so this is a good starting point if you don’t know exactly how to imagine such a design for your home or just one room.

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The Aztecs had lots of gods, represented through various statues or paintings. Decorating a room in an Aztec manner can prove to be a really easy job if you use statuettes and images depicting Aztec gods. They were not very beautiful, but using them may actually be benefic for your home, luck and health, especially if you believe in such things. Plus you can match their colors to the rest of the design, be them dark or light.

Textile materials are predominant in Aztec home decor, through various objects: cushions, rugs, curtains, bedroom sheets and so on. You can even cover up some furniture items with traditional Aztec patterns or paint them directly on the walls or on other objects.

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When it comes to colors, you have to know that such an interior design uses bright colors in abundance. Whatever crazy color combination you like, don’t hesitate to use it in your Aztec home decor. There are virtually no rules in using such wild combinations, yellow goes perfectly with blue, red with green and so on. This is awesome because it gives you a great freedom in choosing the color scheme for the entire design. Also, going further, it makes you life easier since you don’t have to wrap your head around what furniture and decorations to¬† choose so as to match the rest of the colors.

Another motif you can use for an Aztec home decor is nature. Plants and animals were main sources of inspiration and veneration in the Aztec world, and this is visible in their patterns and motifs too. Green color, leaves and flowers can also be found in lots of Aztec textiles and furniture items. Also, tassels are a great way of adorning other objects in the room. Just like an Aztec bag would have tassels on the edges, so can have a bedroom sheet or the decorative pillows on the cushion. Last but not least, remember to combine the colors with all these tricks and be sure that you will have a great Aztec home decor!

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