How to Store Your Books Away

How to Store Your Books Away

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Check out these great ideas for storing books away without using bookcases!

How to Store Your Books: Batman Shelf

Dear book lovers, we all know the struggle of storing your books away, especially if you have a small home. Of course, many use bookcases, but are they enough? Sometimes they’re not, and then you have to find creative ways of keeping them. And this is where we come and help you with some useful ideas on how to store your books!

1. Use the very books as shelves. Using a smart trick, you can sacrifice one big book and fix it to the wall and then place several other books on it. Simply use L-shaped metal tools and fix them on several walls throughout the house. Don’t forget the safety measures though! Then place colored books on top of each other and enjoy your creative way of storing your books!

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2. Replace furniture with books. You can obtain a nice and customized night stand or coffee table if you creatively use the stacks of books you have lying around. You can use a frame or simply cover them with a sheet of glass so that you can further use them. It will be a little more complicated when you want to take out a book and re-read it, but with a little bit of effort you’re going to manage.

3. Hide them where you can. Though this option may not seem suitable for the integrity of books, many people choose to hide them and place them wherever you can, basically. Under the bed or in between furniture items are just some of the ideas. It is not quite recommendable because it might ruin the aspect of your interior decor, but on the other hand it can prove to be quite useful and a space saver. In the end, the choice of how to store your books is yours!

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4. Take advantage of the unused space in your home. We’re sure there are some dead places in your home that you haven’t found a use for yet. There are lots of corners people don’t usually use. But there are also special pieces of furniture suitable for small and edgy spaces. Take advantage of them and use them to store the books! You’d be surprised to see how much space you have been wasting until now!

5. Get creative! If you have an industrial bedroom or living room, it’s time to put to good use those pipes you have there, whether they’re real or not. Either stack the books on them as such, or place some additional support to make sure they don’t fall. It will be a nice addition for an industrial decor! Otherwise, if you don’t have such elements in your home, you can use what you have: some baskets turned horizontally and fixed to the wall can be just great for keeping away lots of books, for example. Regardless of the solution you choose, it’s important to use your creativity and your practical sense when deciding on how to store your books without a bookcase!

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