Summer House Accents for a Relaxed Design

Summer House Accents for a Relaxed Design

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If you're longing for summer and sea or ocean, read here how you can keep them a little longer in your home!

Summer House Accents: Plants and Colors

We all love summer (hopefully) and honestly, what’s not to love, among the sunny beaches, fine sand and delicious drinks, when all you have to do is relax? For those who want to keep a small part of summer in their homes all year round, we have some great suggestions and ideas for summer house accents, no matter the weather outside! Check them out!

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1. Seaside souvenirs. If you’re a summer fan, it’s impossible for you not to have countless souvenirs from wherever you went to the seaside to. And instead of letting them get full of dust in some corner in a box, it’s a great idea to use them for your decor! Glue seashells to the walls or create customized items. If you use your imagination, you can obtain very chic and useful decor items, such as photo frames, hanging seashell chains, curtain decorations etc.

2. Marine theme. Of course, the sea or the ocean is always associated with the summer, so you can’t be wrong if you follow this theme. Virtually, you can use anything related to this, but if you’re lost, here we have a couple of ideas for you. One would be to use specific colors, such as combinations between white and blue, while another option is to adopt a more relaxed style that makes you think of summer, for instance.

3. Colors. And since we’re speaking about colors, we have to mention that great summer house accents have specific themes. Yellow is of course, a color not to miss, since it represents summer or sand, plus it looks amazing and brightens up your home. You can use it in accents like cushions, rugs or other decorations, or you can simply decorate your home using bright yellow flowers. Bright colors in general are recommended for a summer-ish look, but we would also recommend light ones, and especially white.

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4. Light. Light can turn out to be your best friend if you want to recreate a summer moment in the comfort of your home. Natural light is great in order to highlight a more relaxed design and marine accents around the room, therefore it’s a great idea to give up artificial sources of light, if possible. Also, manipulating light around the room can prove to be a smart trick for a more relaxed atmosphere, and this can be done with the help of some small (or big) mirrors placed in strategic spots.

5. Smells. As weird as it may sound, smells can fit into the category of summer house accents. Smells are very useful in recreating a holiday moment, especially certain scents. There are special aromatic oils or candles with the salty scent of sea, sand and salty water. Algae are also another scent idea, depending on your personal taste, but people generally tend to avoid them. They will not only help you create the desired atmosphere, but also give a hand in relaxing and reliving your most recent holiday!

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