Tips for Organizing Your Kids Room

Tips for Organizing Your Kids Room

Transform work in fun and play with you children!

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Kids are kids and they are full of energy and they live in a different world of ours. They can fly, they are pirates, or queens or animals anyway they are full of energy and they do make a lot of mess.

Well children must learn that their room is a special place where magic can happen so they must keep it clean and you don’t have to clean it for them, you must teach them how to maintain it clean.

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Let’s see some tips about this process of cleaning a kid’s room and see how we should make it a team work. Tips for organizing your kids room.

See your children’ room from their eyes: 


Start analyzing your kid’s room from his/her level. Take a look at the space, storage, furniture and possessions from his or her position. It is another view, believe me. Avoid any type of adult furniture because small hands can’t manage them. Avoid closet hanging rods because they don’t fit smaller clothing. I think traditional toy boxes are out of fashion.

Any solution you find make sure it fits with your child. If they are younger, you don’t need closet doors at all. Invest in lower clothing rods and child-sizes hangers. Replace traditional toy boxes with floor-level open containers for toys, and you might want to take into consideration plastic baskets for socks and underwear.

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If I were you I would to a daily checklist for maintenance.

Involve your child in every action you do:

Of course it would be much easier to do everything by yourself but your kid needs to learn how to organize his/her  room and what means to do an effort. You must teach your child what are the organization skills and maintenance methods.

This can be really fun, you just have to focus on the child. You are your child organizational consultant from now on. Ask your child what is good in his/ her room what is not, what it is important to him/her, what is not, what is causing problems and what is not, and why it is important for him/her to learn how to be organized. You can make this look like  a very interesting game.

With two brains on the process the organization scheme and system will be much easier to make. If you involve your children active in this process they will understand better the organizational logic and they will maintain their room organized and clean.

Simplify everything:


It can’t be that hard because children’s rooms are smaller but anyway they contain outgrown clothing, surplus toys, household overflow from other rooms, you can find anything in a kid’s room and it would be impossible to a child to stay organized when everything is crammed, the drawers are full of thing and the toys are everywhere.

So take your kid’s hand and start sorting, storing everything together. First thing clothes. Store them by seasons. Think if every t-shirt is worn about your child and if don’t make some room for others.

An interesting detail would be a toy library if your kid has too many toys. You can use a large lidded plastic storage container, large boxes, or plastic garbage bags and bring the toys to the toy library. Store them somewhere else not in the same room.

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When your child is bored bring the toy library and rediscover them together.  Older kid can have a higher closet shelves for storing their belongings.

So dear mothers and fathers from now on make this task a play task and everything will be easier.



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