Towel Designs Ideas

Towel Designs Ideas

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Check out these great ideas and suggestions for towel designs and decorate your bathroom in a modern and creative way!

Towel Designs: Modern Design

Although they are usually overlooked, towels can definitely set the tone of a bathroom decor. They can really enhance a certain atmosphere or help you in reinforcing a pattern around the room. In the end, you will be happy to see that such a small detail can help in creating a great design! But let’s see some towel designs that can help you in figuring your bathroom out.

Towel Designs: Simple Designs

1. Dark colors. People in general prefer dark towels because they’re more practical and seem more elegant. Indeed, dark red or black towels are really a touch of elegance in any bathroom. You can either use them to continue the same colors you have already chosen for the room or to create a beautiful contrast, but in any case dark towels are a great idea.

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2. Light colors. Light towel designs are the most often found in people’s bathrooms, mostly because bathrooms in general are designed with such colors. From white to pale yellow, pink, blue, beige and so on, you can totally choose this if you want a light atmosphere for the room. Also, if you don’t have enough access to natural light, this is a good trick to improve this and to reflect the light you get, be it natural or not.

Towel Designs: Dark Colors

3. Quality. Of course, one of the most important principles when it comes to towel designs is quality. Price or color can vary and can even be overlooked sometimes, but the quality can’t be forgotten. Cotton is one of the best materials if you decide to follow this principle, but there are also other combinations of material out there on the market. We always recommend luxury items in your bathroom, but even if you can’t afford them, you should go for the best within your price range.

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4. Patterns. Towel designs offer you the freedom to use your imagination and creativity and combine various patterns. Modern designs usually tend to use geometric patterns, circles, spheres, squares and creative combinations with these, so there are virtually no rules regarding this. You can take advantage of this and create your own motif around the room: for instance, you can use circles in different colors on several items like the towels, the shower curtain, the toilet lid, the rugs and so on. Or you can play around with the colors: choose two main colors for the design and use several geometrical shapes that respect them.

Towel Designs: Light Colors

5. Trends. Our advice when it comes to towel designs is to always pay attention to the latest trends. And this is not such a difficult thing to achieve, given the fact that towels are changed pretty often, or in any case more often than other items in the room. That’s why you can easy change the design in the room and adapt the towels to any style you wish. Perhaps that’s the best advantage of this: the flexibility of the decor and the design you want!

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