Trendy Oversized Patterns Ideas

Trendy Oversized Patterns Ideas

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One of the trends in interior decor in 2015 is to use oversized patterns in your home design, so read here how to use and integrate them.

Oversized Patterns: Flowery Pattern

If we’re talking about recent interior design trends, we absolutely have to include oversized patterns. Generally flowers and natural elements are preferred, for their romantic and fresh aspect, but you can also resort to other creative ideas to decorate your home in a modern and trendy way. We prepared some fashionable and chic suggestions for you to inspire your decor!

1. Find the balance. If you decide on using oversized patterns on decorative cushions, for instance, try to avoid a heavy design. In order to compensate, you can choose a couch design based on solid colors. They will not make your room look tiring, plus you will obtain a great interior decor. Also, you can play along the lines of one single thematic pattern, like big red or colorful flowers spread throughout the room, in lingerie, curtains or decorative cushions. Also, keep the furniture in neutral shades so as to underline the beauty of the pattern.

2. Decide for one pattern. Lots of different patterns can have quite the opposite effect you were counting on. So try to limit yourself to only one. However, if you want to obtain a homogeneous aspect in the entire room, you should use the rest of the colors in several other places. For instance, if you used red in the main oversized pattern, try using other home accessories or decorative items in the same color, like rugs or paintings the contain this color. The outcome will be balanced and very relaxing for the eyes.

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3. Geometrical oversized patterns. Not only flowers are great for making a modern and trendy design, but also big geometrical patterns. Full or empty circles, squares or triangles in different colors, you can use virtually anything. And the best part is that if you choose this pattern, you can combine various geometrical patterns because they are similar, further allowing you to play with colors. More than that, if you want to add your creative touch, you can use a special idea: get your inspiration from playing cards! Use diamonds or hearts to complete the geometrical patterns and enjoy your original decor!

4. Oversized patterns wallpaper. Not only home decorations can be used to bring some variation in the patterns around, but also the wallpapers are a great source for adding some color and creating an original decor. Be it flowers, other plants or trees, or simply geometrical patterns as we said, they’re a great way of embellishing your decor, but more than that, they’re a useful background for simpler decorations and furniture, if you don’t want to complicate things.

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5. Get inspired! Perhaps the most important tip or suggestion when it comes to using oversized patterns is not to limit your imagination. The patterns can range from the classic suggestions like the flowers or the figures to some of the most unusual things, like fruits or simply whirling patterns. Alternatively, you can create your own patterns on simple wallpapers and thus use your freedom for your preferences.

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