How to Use Victorian Home Accessories

How to Use Victorian Home Accessories

Victorian decor is an epitome of style, elegance and class and can definitely make your home the most elegant one around!

Victorian Home Accessories: Elegant Design

Even though people wrongly associate the Victorian style with a British period that’s over, but that is not entirely true. The historical period might be over, but the style has survived in interior decor! As you would expect knowing the British culture, it is a little bit pretentious and extravagant, but very elegant. And you can bet some Victorian home accessories will definitely make your home a great one!

1. Lace decorations. Nothing can be more Victorian than lace, so you simply have to include it in your decor to make it more elegant. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to do that. A table cloth or a curtain are great and simple ways of including a Victorian look into your living room or dining room without too much effort or money. Out of all these, curtains are the most used for this purpose.

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2. Rugs and cushions. Other ways of integrating Victorian home accessories into your interior decor is to use elegant rugs and cushions. Another characteristic for the Victorian style is the opulence and intricacy of the designs. So cushions and rugs in very elegant colors are very adequate, just like tassels and opulent colors: gold, silver and similar others. Place them around the room and don’t worry if they’re a little bit too much, because that’s what the Victorian style is all about! Bonus: for the bedroom you can also use a canopy or a baldaquin to make the design even more elegant and interesting!

3. Colors. As we said, you have to use elegant colors, but make sure you use plenty of such accessories. They have to be shiny or opulent, that’s why it’s better to use gold and silver. White and black can also be elegant decorations, but here you should think about glossy ones instead of simple. Also, burgundy red or warm browns are a good option, especially if you think about furniture.

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4. Furniture. And if we’re talking about furniture, you should consider placing your Victorian home accessories on a rather classy furniture than a modern one. Obviously, modern furniture does not suit a Victorian style, but you can play around with black and white furniture. This is a secret to combine both modern and Victorian style: use black and white furniture and add various home accessories in elegant colors, so as to recreate an old style, but also to introduce vintage items.

5. Materials. Since the style itself is so elegant, so have to be the Victorian home accessories. The materials must be high quality to reflect the high class. Satin, velvet or leather are great quality materials to reflect the Victorian era. And if you combine them, you’ll surely obtain a great style! Last but not least, you should think about using art in your decor. Art is a great way of adding elegance to a room, and also to make it look more Victorian, especially if you use pompous frames.

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