How to Use Vintage Home Accessories

How to Use Vintage Home Accessories

See how some vintage home accessories can totally change the aspect of your interior design, making it more interesting and beautiful!

Vintage Home Accessories: Vintage Decorations

A new and original way of embellishing your home is to use vintage home accessories. Not only that you use something old to create a new look, but it also helps you to repurpose whatever objects you might have lying around, which you never considered throwing away. However, you need some creativity in order to obtain a beautiful decor using vintage home accessories, but here is where we can help! Read on and see how you can introduce vintage home accessories in your home.

One good common point to start adding vintage home accessories in your interior design is the material. If you have a room full with heavy wooden furniture, you can also use other wooden decorations you might have received from parents, grandparents and so on. A vintage beauty table with mirrors can find its place perfectly in a cozy and feminine bedroom, especially if you already have a delicate design around.

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Even though no one would think that suitcases could ever count as vintage home accessories, if you are creative enough you can make them complement a beautiful interior design. Paint them in crazy colors, stack them together in a corner and you have a great way to store away small things or stuff you don’t need very often. Moreover, you can further decorate them with photos or bows, for instance, depending on the final look you want to obtain in the room.

Matching colors are a sure way of making two different styles blend together. Some of the specific colors for vintage home accessories are pale blue or copper shades, for example, and you can take advantage of this. But how to match them? Choose a similar blue color for the walls in one room, so that you can use that very old blue suitcase as a decoration! Or you can choose metallic coppery decorations throughout one room, regardless of the rest of the colors: clocks, trays, office supplies and so on.

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Think about refinishing old furniture! You know that old chair from your grandma’s? If you add a new cushion to it and reinforce the wooden (or metal) structure, it’s as good as new, but with an extra quality: it will have a very special look, not to mention the sentimental value it will bring to your entire interior decor. This thing can apply to bigger furniture items too. A massive old bed can be refinished by blending new and old materials, and the result will be a unique bedroom!

Finally, another important thing you should know about the vintage home decorations is that you don’t need to panic if you don’t have such items lying around in your home. You can easily buy them from antique shops or directly from people who sell them on all kinds of websites. Alternatively, you can buy new items that are made on purpose to look like vintage ones, and the effect will be pretty much the same, minus the emotional value.

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