What Does “Vintage” Mean?

What Does “Vintage” Mean?

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Many people are quite confused regarding the vintage style, or misuse the term, so today we thought some clarifications would be great!

What Does Vintage Mean: Classic Vintage

The term “vintage” is used very often when it comes to style. Probably one of the most popular styles, you hear people talking about it when it comes to fashion, interior décor, home styles and so on. But have you ever wondered what does it really mean? Is it enough to add just some old items to your home or vintage means more than that? To help you answer to the question what does “vintage” mean , we bring you a couple of ideas here!

What Does Vintage Mean: '60s Vintage

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1. Old does not necessary mean vintage. Vintage most commonly refers to a style, not an age. It’s useless to incorporate in your home design old items if they have no style at all, or if they don’t reflect certain traits from a time in an obvious manner. If that sounds too complicated for you, let’s make it simple: an old telephone doesn’t help in a vintage décor if it does not have the typical shape of that epoch. Which leads us to our second idea:

2. You can use modern items to create a vintage style. Now that we clarified that the answer to what does “vintage” mean really has little to do with the actual time of production, we can improvise from there. There are modern decorative items (or even furniture and massive items) that are created to look just like vintage ones. One example could be the plastic kitsch decorations that have an old look. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be kitsch, it’s a good idea to use them, especially if you don’t have inherited old items in your home.

What Does Vintage Mean: Vintage Furniture

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3. Vintage can mean any period. Some people consider that vintage only limits its meaning to the ‘50s, the ‘60s or other decades. This is not true. Vintage means anything from the past, from the 1800s up to the ‘90s, for instance. The best part about this is that it offers you complete freedom to choose the specific period you want to reproduce in the room: really ancient or towards a modern touch or, why not, even a combination of periods.

What Does Vintage Mean: Simple Vintage Decor

4. It doesn’t have a geographical limitation. Although it sounds quite complicated, this is actually simple: you don’t need to limit yourself to a certain country or cultural area. Vintage means traditions from the past which are rearticulated into the present, with no other limitations. Many people think they have to choose whether they want an exotic décor style or a vintage one. Good news, folks! You can mix them both! For example, if you have a passion for the African style, you can integrate old (or items resembling old) furniture or decorations from the African space without worries.

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