What Should A Guest Room Contain

What Should A Guest Room Contain

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Your guests are special so your guest room must be even more special.

Today we dedicate our time and imagination to our future guests whom we want to welcome in our house with our hearts open and rooms perfumed. Because we already learnt that in order for us to feel great in our homes we need to feel that our guests feel fabulous and that is why it is very important to have a cozy elegant guest room that will comfort your beloved guests and they will return with joy and love.

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You must be aware of the fact that your guests don’t expect hotel room services but do your best and offer them an extraordinary experience at your house.

First of all and maybe the most important thing is to prepare clean perfumed sheets, if it’s possible sheets that were never used again and a lot of pillows.Pillows are great if they want to read in a comfortable position and they are also perfect to cuddle if they sleep alone.

And because we referred to reading, your guest room should contain a small book shelf on which interesting, funny, dramatic, fresh book wait to be read. Books help you relax and many people have problems sleeping when they are far away from home. So make them feel more safe and more relaxed.

bookshelf guest room home caprice

A guest room should have a great lighting and lamps near the bed. Guests can get nervous if they are far away from home so maybe they would like more light to feel more comfortable and distressed.

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A chic guest room has a small cabinet where guests can sit and dry their hair, make up. It is more comfortable than doing these in the bathroom and more cozy. Leave the impression of home. Place an elegant desk or dresser with a mirror close to natural light.

guest house cabinet home caprice

Place a tray near the bed where your guests can put they jewelry, watches and other valuable items, avoiding loosing them or anything else. They will feel more appreciated and secured.

tray guest room

Make sure your guest room has an alarm clock despite everyone having cell phones. It also looks lovely and gives you a feeling of order.

Provide the guest room with universal chargers in case your guests forgot about theirs. People panic with no reason when they realize they forgot their charger. Calm down your guests with an universal charger.

Always keep a bottle of water and nice glasses. Guests can feel ashamed of coming down at night for water.

You also need a box  of tissues.

box of tissue guest room

Put stylish warm soft towels in the bathroom bot for face and for body.

Go for an armoire. They provide enough space for clothes and with the vintage look make you feel chic.

elegant armoire guest room home caprice

Have extra hangers. You don’t know how many clothes your guests have.

Provide the room with desk supplies like pens, paper, rubber and things like this.

You can even consider put snacks for your guests. Distance from home can make you really hungry.

guest room snacks

Beautify the room with flowers. They clean the oxygen, perfume the room and look lovely.

guest room flowers home caprice

Extra toilet paper is very important. Don’t forget about this detail.

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In case it is getting cold provide the room with extra bedding.


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