3 Easter Recipes You Have to Try

3 Easter Recipes You Have to Try

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Read here three of the most popular Easter recipes and try them out by yourself, if you haven't already!

Easter Recipes: Delicate Eggs

Easter is coming quickly, and as most people, we bet you’re thinking about what recipes to cook this Easter. For those who are in UAE, we have thought about a small guide with simple recipes that will make your Easter holiday feel complete, even if you’re far away from home. Check them out and make sure you don’t miss them!

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Of course, Easter eggs can’t miss from your table if you’re going to celebrate Easter like you should. It’s not hard at all to make some yourself, for a truly special chocolate surprise! Just buy an egg shape from the store or use the one you already have, if that’s the case. Just pour the chocolate into the mold and leave it to harden over night or even in the fridge for a fast effect. The best part about Easter eggs is that you can decorate them in thousands of ways, exactly as you wish! Pro tip: if you really want to surprise your loved ones, make a special dessert using half an Easter egg and fill it with goodies, like ice cream, fruits and sprinkles. Yummy!

One of the most delicious Easter recipes we want to present you is the nest treat. For this, you will need to melt 3 tbsp of  butter or, if you don’t have butter, margarine, in a large bowl. Add 3 cups of marshmallows and place them in the microwave oven for around a minute. They will puff up and then you will need to take them out. Stir them well until they melt again. Now it’s time to use some chow mein noodles (those who love Chinese know what we’re talking about!). Add them in and mix until they’re well coated. Then use them to make nests. For this, you can use as a base a silicone mat or waxed paper. Put some sweets in the middle, marzipan figurines or chocolate eggs and voila, there you have it!

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Our list of Easter recipes goes on with a zucchini frittata. Light and healthy, this recipe is also easy to make and it’s quite a time saver. You will need 4 large eggs, 4 tbsp of olive, 4 tbsp of parmesan cheese, 3 zucchini, 10 mint leaves and a pinch of salt. Slice the zucchinis and put them in hot oil in a big pan for 1 minute. Stir them and then chop the mint in the pan. Let them cook and meanwhile, you can prepare the egg mix. Turn on a low heat flame and mix in a bowl the eggs, together with the Parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt. Put the mix on the zucchini and stir them well. Now move the mix into a bigger pan and put it in the oven preheated at 375 F. Leave it there for 25 minutes and take it out. If you want, you can broil the frittata another 5 minutes if you want it to have a beautiful golden color. Let it cool and enjoy it!

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