5 Creative Fruit Recipes

5 Creative Fruit Recipes

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Feeling hungry? Check out our great fruit recipes for this summer and not only!

Fruit Recipes: Fruit Salad

Ah, who doesn’t love summer and heat? Those long days at the beach or besides the pool, relaxing with a drink next to you and charging your batteries. However, this is the time where the heat pushes you to consume more fruits and remain hydrated all day long. But since fruits alone might be boring sometimes (especially after you eat them all summer long!), here we have some creative fruit recipes for you!

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1. Apricots with honey and spices. Although it’s not one of the most common recipes for fruits, we can guarantee you it’s absolutely delicious! You will only need some water, sugar, one cinnamon stick, apricots, lemon juice, orange zest and honey. Simply place them in a jar and let them soak. You can either consume it like this or use it for other crazy combinations: make your own fruity yogurt, froze it for an original type of ice-cream or use it for a cake.

Fruit Recipes: Raspberries and Chocolate

2. Grilled chicken with blackberries and pomegranate juice. The ordinary grilled chicken that is healthy and also helps with your diet can be spiced up and renewed with some pomegranate juice and blackberries. Quite an unusual (but tasty!) combination, it will require unsweetened juice, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, chicken breast, blackberries, molasses and some red pepper. Let yourself be surprised by one of the craziest fruit recipes this summer!

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3. Fruit pie. Initially we wanted to recommend you a peach pie, but then we thought again about it: why limit the options only to peaches? Any fruit is good for a delicious pie in the middle of the summer. Just like with any other pie, you should use crumbled biscuits, sugar, egg whites and butter for the crust. Then, add your favorite pudding flavor and decorate with some pieces of your favorite fruit. Extra tip: you can also add chocolate if you’re not on a diet!

Fruit Recipes: Nutritious Food

4. Colored Fruit Salad. Fruit salads are a great way of ensuring your nutrients for the day, while also eating as many fruits as possible. And if you need more arguments to try one of the greatest fruit recipes, it’s the fact that you can combine any fruits you want and any toppings. Just imagine a delicious combination between strawberries, blackberries, bananas and peaches, topped with honey and cinnamon or some melted chocolate. Are you craving it yet?

5. Watermelon and chocolate. Yes, any fruit with chocolate is excellent, but watermelons are even more, since they are juicier. Cut a watermelon in halves, scoop out the content and cut them into cubes. Pour chocolate over them and add other things if you like: whipped cream, other toppings, fruit spreads, honey or other spices. Enjoy!

Fruit Recipes: Colorful Dish


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