7 Places to See Before You Die

7 Places to See Before You Die

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Check out these hot places to visit before you die and place them on your list!

Places to see before you die: Grand Canyon

For the traveler in you, those who feel the wanderlust all the time or those who simply want to check as many places on their list before it’s too late, we prepared you an awesome list of places to see before you die! Which ones have you already seen?

1. Zhangye Danxia, China. Although it’s not a very famous landmark, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful this landform is! These small hills look just like they’ve been painted by a very talented artist who mixed all the great colors in a harmonious way, and for this reason you should totally put it on your “to see” list.

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2. Banos, Ecuador. You should visit Banos in Ecuador simply for its stunning views that make you think you’re literally at the end of the world. And what’s even more interesting is that you find there a swing. Just imagine how cool it is to swing there in that wonderful landscape!

3. Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. The main point of attraction here is the Hang Son Doong cave, which is currently the largest cave in the world that was made 2-5 million years ago. It is bigger than you can imagine and you could fit inside it even 40-story buildings! Still need any other reasons to visit this region?

4. Juneau, Alaska, United States. And since we were talking about caves, you have to put on your list with places to see before you die the Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau, Alaska. Besides the fact that you have to dress well to protect yourself against the cold, the magic views you see in these ice caves are truly stunning and something you won’t forget easily!

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5. The Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States. Let’s stay a little longer in the US and move to another side of the country, where you’ll see the greatest canyon on earth! Grand Canyon offers amazing views, especially if you happen to be there at sunrise or sunset, it’s a magical place filled with beautiful warm colors that gives you a sense of freedom.

6. Klevan, Ukraine. Haven’t heard of this place yet? Well, you should look into it, because it’s the place where you can find a real tunnel of love. It’s actually a railway surrounded by a forest, but the view there is stunning and famous worldwide. Many couples choose to take engagement photos here, but if you decide to go there too, beware of the train that runs three times a day!

7. Flores Island, Indonesia. What makes Flores Island one of the places to see before you die are the Kelimutu crater lakes there. The color of waters in those lakes varies, but generally it takes various shades, like bright blue, green or red. They are called Lake of Old People, Lake of Young Men and Maidens and the Bewitched or the Enchanted Lake. Their names make them even more attractive, and the colors are stunning, which makes it a very popular tourist attraction.

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