8 Delicious and Traditional Spanish Dishes

8 Delicious and Traditional Spanish Dishes

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Today we want to delight you with some delicious traditional Spanish dishes in our Spanish week!

Traditional Spanish Recipes: Catalan Cream

Spanish cuisine is definitely one of the most delicious you can taste. Combining different tastes and an awesome background, we think it’s definitely worth a shot. That’s why we gathered some of the best traditional Spanish dishes to inspire you!

1. Churros and chocolate. We start off with a delicious dessert, perfect for those who love chocolate and sweets. Churros are basically fried dough and if you combine them with chocolate, they’re just excellent!

2. Paella. One of the dishes famous worldwide from the Spanish cuisine is paella, a delicious dish made with seafood, spices, rice and vegetables. If you get to Spain, you totally need to try this paella or more simply, visit a Spanish restaurant in your area!

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3. Gazpacho. Great for a cool summer recipe, gazpacho is a soup served cold. It’s made with vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, garlic, avocado and others, so no wonder it’s one of the freshest traditional Spanish dishes you’ll find! Even so, there are several variations of the recipe, so make sure you choose the one you love most!

4. Empanadas. This is a great recipe made with dough, potatoes and beef. Even though it may not sound so enticing, think about the fact that it also uses lots of spices and the flavors are simply delicious, or as the Spanish say, rico!

5. Spanish Ham. Many people mistakenly think that the Iberian or Spanish ham isn’t any more than a regular ham. It’s so much more and be ready to find out what makes it so unique! This amazing taste is due to the diet of the pata negra pigs. They are grown only with an all-acorn diet and they are let free to run as much as they want, which makes them more healthy. So next time you see Jamon Iberico written somewhere, make sure it’s authentic and enjoy its taste!

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6. Catalan cream. Moving on to another dessert, Catalan cream is the Spanish version of the creme brulee we all know. It’s basically a custard cream served with a layer or caramelized sugar on top. Of course, there are other various recipes, some of them including even ice-cream. It’s up to you which one you want to try!

7. Tortilla. The world-famous tortilla couldn’t miss a list of the best traditional Spanish dishes, so here it is! It’s made with four easy ingredients, like eggs, potatoes, olive oil and onions and it’s basically an omelet with added potatoes. The great thing is that you can also eat it cold or add other sauces, depending on your taste.

8. Bocadillos. Bocadillo is the name Spanish give to regular sandwiches. Although it might seem a little bit disappointing, you should try and make yourself one with Spanish ingredients. Use a crusty baguette, fresh tomatoes, Spanish ham, local cheese and cherry peppers. Of course, you can use anything you want, but for a special taste, we recommend you to try one while in Spain!

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