9 Top Middle Eastern Dishes

9 Top Middle Eastern Dishes

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If you want to get a taste of the Middle East, you should totally try these 9 recipes whether at home or when you're traveling!

9 Top Middle Eastern Dishes
9 Top Middle Eastern Dishes

Middle Eastern cuisine is a delicious one, even though not everybody truly appreciates it. However, recently more and more people incorporated Middle Eastern dishes into their diet, so let’s see the top Middle Eastern dishes people love!

1. Hummus. Hummus is very popular in the West, especially because it’s very healthy. More than that, you can find it almost anywhere and combine it with almost anything, so it’s versatile for a quick meal at any hour.

2. Manakeesh. If you haven’t tried this dish until now, it’s high time you did it! Similar to the pizza, but in an Arabic way, manakeesh is a round piece of bread that is served with cheese, ground meat or herbs on top. Usually it is served at breakfast or lunch and you can find lots of varieties both on street vendors and in high class restaurants if you happen to visit Middle East.

Top Middle Eastern Dishes: Delicious Food


3. Halloumi. Halloumi is a special type of cheese, and in its production no acid or bacteria is used, which is why it’s so delicious and amazing. This ingredient made of goat and sheep milk is perfect when grilled, and its chewy consistency and great taste is what made us include it in our top Middle Eastern dishes for you to try!


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4. Falafel. This one has become more and more popular recently in the menus of Western restaurants, especially in the fast food area. It seems that this combination of fried chickpeas and herbs is great for a snack on the go or to fill a pita with it.

5. Foul meddamas. This dish may not look so appetizing, but it’s one of our favorites when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s made of fava beans, parsley, olive oil, garlic, onion and lemon and it tastes fantastic!

Top Middle Eastern Dishes: Healthy Food


6. Tabouleh. Surprisingly enough, this dish is a favorite not only of vegetarians. Made of bulgur, parsley, onion, tomatoes and mint, it might seem like an odd combination, but we can guarantee you won’t regret trying it if you haven’t already!


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7. Fattoush. Another international success, fattoush is a type of salad that has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. Made of tasty crispy lettuce, crunchy pita, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olive oil, lemon and mint, this salad is absolutely delicious!

Top Middle Eastern Dishes: Delicious cuisine

8. Shawarma. Although it is famous for its hangover curative qualities, shawarma is very nutritious and also tasty. Although the Western world knows it under different recipes, the original one is made with pieces of skewered chicken, salad and garlic puree, all put into a warm pita bread. Plus, it’s great when you’re on the go and want to eat something delicious!

9. Shish tawook. Yet another specialty from the Middle Eastern cuisine, shish tawook is also served with garlic paste, fries and pita bread. Also, it’s made with skewered chicken, and that could be an explanation as to why it is so popular and tasty.

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