Best Indian Recipes You Totally Need to Try

Best Indian Recipes You Totally Need to Try

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Fans of Indian cuisine, read on and see what recipes you should totally be cooking right now!

Best Indian Recipes: Butter Chicken

For those who love Indian cuisine and, implicitly, spicy food, you should read about the best Indian recipes you have to try if you haven’t already. Although some of them might seem a little bit difficult to cook, remember that spices are the most important element in the Indian cuisine.

Rogan Josh. Full of diverse spices that will make your taste buds go crazy, this recipe will definitely become one of your favorite when it comes to Indian dishes. It’s made using fennel seeds, bay leaves, turmeric and garam masala. Enjoy!

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Butter Chicken. This recipe is not so exotic since chicken has become almost an universal dish, but the combination between yogurt marinade and a unique mix of spices makes all the effort worth it. Serve it with a tasty dollop of melting cream or you can add some butter on top of the chicken. Your guests will definitely be impressed, although we can’t guarantee they won’t know that you’re cooking the best Indian recipes!

Bhapaa Aloo. Quite hard to spell but not hard to cook! Bring a piece of the Bengali tradition with the Bhapaa Aloo. If you decide to cook it, you need some panch phoron, which is a local flavor, but you can reproduce it too, the classic potato, some coconut paste and don’t forget about the mustard oil. Believe us, your stomach will be extremely satisfied!

Banjari Gosht. Changing the taste a little bit, we can count on the Rajasthani flavors to make for a wonderful dinner for guests. Mutton is not so rarely used in the Indian cuisine, so here you need to cut it in small pieces and mix it with yogurt. And what’s the ingredient that cannot miss from the best Indian recipes? You’re right, spices!

Chicken Stew and Appam. Yes, back to the tasty chicken, but this time in a different form. The appams are a delicious local specialty with an amazingly tasty soft center. Place them together with chicken chunks in a coconut gravy and add spices. Guaranteed to be the best stew you have ever eaten!

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Kakori Kebab. Even though kebab has become a successful international fast food recipe, it’s still one of the best Indian recipes. The name of this kebab dish comes from the city of Kakori, in Lucknow, the place where the recipe originated. It consists in fine meat lamb and spices, all mixed together and cooked at high temperatures.

Hyderabadi Biryani. A dum style recipe, it’s basically made of spiced rice combined with tender meat or even chicken chunks. It’s served layered with fried onions and mint. When you serve it, add some cold raita, it will give it a special and truly Indian flavor.

Dhokla. Last but not least, this cake is an outstanding recipe that can be easily done by anyone. It’s made with gram flour and channa dal and it finds its origins in Gujarat. After you have a bite you will be convinced that it deserves its place among the best Indian recipes.

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