Best Luxury Beaches in Dubai

Best Luxury Beaches in Dubai

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When in Dubai, you surely don't want to miss the best accommodation conditions or the sunny beaches with smooth sand where you can relax all day long, so check out the most popular luxury beaches in Dubai!

amazing beaches in Dubai

If you go and visit Dubai, that’s a great opportunity to spoil yourself and to sunbathe on the luxury beaches in Dubai right next to your hotel. What’s more convenient and pleasurable than to step right outside of the hotel and find yourself on a fine sand beach, with the waves whispering next to you and a bright sun on the clear sky? If you want to enjoy such a beautiful experience, read on to find out which are the most popular luxury beaches in Dubai!

  1. Jebel Ali Hotel. Placed right on the beach, the Jebel Ali Hotel is the most popular one of the beach hotels. It offers one of the most beautiful luxury beaches in Dubai and its five stars guarantee you the best conditions you can find, well, with the exception of Burj al Arab. It has a wonderful view and it’s close to many tourist attraction points, but what’s best is that you can be at the beach or back to your room in 2 minutes tops. More than that, it’s very close to Palm Jumeirah too.
  2. The Palace at One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai. Another great recommendation when you’re looking for luxury beaches in Dubai is this hotel. Placed almost right on the beach, this one is also a five-star hotel, with the best conditions you can imagine, from spacious rooms, air conditioner, access to spa, sauna and high quality items all around. However, one problem here would be that the hotel is so big, you will really need a bicycle to go from one wing to the other. Pay attention when checking in so that you won’t get lost in the hotel.
  3. Dubai Marine Resort and Spa. Also a five-star hotel, the Dubai Marine Resort and Spa is another one of the most popular luxury beaches in Dubai. Besides the luxury conditions you’ll find here, you can also enjoy the fact that it is close to many shops and a private beach where you can spoil yourself with a fancy cocktail while laying in the sun. Moreover, you can enjoy a wonderful nightlife, since here you can find 3-4 nightclubs on the hotel’s territory which are open until 3-4 A.M. so that you can party all night! The clubs are a great opportunity to meet up other tourists from around the beaches and to tie new friendships.
  4. Dar al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah. This five-star hotel is the Travelers’ Choice 2015 award winner on several specialized websites online. It offers luxury conditions and a definitely romantic view for the rooms with a seaview, so your trip will be an amazing one and you won’t regret paying all you need to in order to enjoy what’s best in Dubai. It has excellent reviews, mainly for its best service offered to customers, but it has also won many prizes for the luxury conditions you find there. So if you’re looking for luxury beaches in Dubai, don’t forget to put Dar al Masyaf on your list or even to book a room there!

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