8 Special Christmas Recipes to Enjoy

8 Special Christmas Recipes to Enjoy

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We all know the classic and traditional Christmas recipes, but what if we would try something new this year? Go for some special Christmas recipes and surprise your family!

Glazed ham

Since it’s the season to be jolly, it’s time for us to bring something new this year to our Christmas table. Why not try some special Christmas recipes that will certainly bring joy not only to us, but also to our guests? You don’t have to be the most skilled chef in the world to cook these yummy recipes, but if you think this is not your calling, you should better order them. In any case, you should be ready to taste and enjoy them!

Hors d’Oeuvres. The Camembert cheese here will definitely make this recipe a special one, and one that not many choose to have on their Christmas dinner menu. You can be sure your guests will have a very pleasant surprise when they will discover the savor that lies hidden in this apparently basic recipe.

Bread, cheese and wine. Well, not exactly as they are, but if you place a piece of bread in a warm bowl of melted cheese mixed with white wine, you will discover a great recipe that will certainly make you rethink what you like and what you don’t.

Pears, blue cheese and prosciutto. Quite an unusual combination, but you’d be surprised to find out how many people actually like weird recipes. We think it’s one of the most interesting special Christmas recipes, one that you won’t find too often in people’s homes.

Ham glazed with mixes of spices and apricot preserves. Ham is not such a special ingredient and most definitely not a safe bet on the Christmas menu, but if you spoil it with a perfect mix of spices and add some apricot preserves, your taste buds will surely never want you to try anything else. Yummy!

Beef, tomatoes and garlic. Probably the easiest recipe on this list, since you only need to place the ingredients in a pan and put them in the oven until they are done (approx one hour). What makes it one of the special Christmas recipes is the combination between the sweetness of the tomatoes and the aggressive taste of the garlic, all with a delicious beef steak.

Pork and prunes. Another unusual combination, pork and prunes might actually be a surprise to you. Whether you use the prunes for the sauce or roll the pork around them, you can be sure this recipe won’t fail you and will certainly give you a tastegasm!

Fresh salad. No one thinks of making a fresh salad as a side dish on Christmas, but if you think it through, that might actually be a great idea. Everyone will be stuffed from all the complicated traditional dishes, so a fresh salad can be very refreshing and attractive.

Brussel sprouts. Even though everybody heads for meat dishes this time of the year, make your guests a surprise and roast Brussels sprout, oil, garlic and pecans together for a wonderful mix of great flavors. Don’t be set back by the fact that you don’t like one or two of the ingredients, if that’s the case. Just gather some courage and taste it, otherwise you’ll miss probably the best of the special Christmas recipes around!

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