Current Events in Abu Dhabi

Current Events in Abu Dhabi

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Searching for some fun in Abu Dhabi? Keep reading to find out the hottest events taking place here in January - February!

red bull air race abu dhabi 2015

For those of you who are seeking to have fun in Abu Dhabi now, you should check out a list of all the cool events happening here! From food festivals to music ones, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, it’s a sure thing you’ll have lots of fun these months!

Abu Dhabi Food Festival

What is it about: As you can tell, it’s a gastronomic feast for those who enjoy Arabian cuisine and not only. Local and international chefs come here to demonstrate their talents and to reproduce menus from all around the world. Here you will find delicious meals suitable for every family or individual and for every taste!

When: There are three events in this festival, one of which is the Gourmet Festival, for those who enjoy fine dining, between February 11 and 21. There is also the Emirati Kitchen, dedicated only to the authentic cuisine in the UAE, that takes place between February 5 and 7, and the last one is the StreetFest, a caravan of food trucks with different countries specialties at reasonable prices. You can find the caravan in Madinat Zayed between 5th and 7th of February, at Green Mubazzarah between 12th and the 14th and at the Abu Dhabi Corniche between 19th and the 21st of February. Enjoy!

Red Bull Air Race 2015

For those who love adrenaline, the Red Bull Air Race 2015 is one of the current events in Abu Dhabi that you must not miss! 14 excellent pilots will race in high-end planes just 15-20 meters above the ground, reaching speeds of almost 370 km/h. If you want to have the best views on the race, you should think of finding a place on the wonderful beachfront, and don’t forget to bring your camera!

When: 13-14 February 2015

Where: Abu Dhabi Corniche Breakwater

Qasr al Hosn Festival 2015

This is one of the current events in Abu Dhabi that is suitable for the entire family. The famous Qasr al Hosn fort opens its doors to the public for this great festival that is intended to celebrate the fascinating centuries heritage, the history of this place and in general the Emirati tradition and culture. And what place better to celebrate the Emirati culture than the birthplace of the capital of the UAE?

Here you can find out more information about the conservation process of the fort, its functions in the past and you also have the great opportunity to visit the inner fort. More than that, enjoy a visit to the National Consultative Council Chamber and see areas that have never been opened to the public before, like the living quarters of the fort.

Even if you’re not too familiar with the area or with its significance, there is also an exhibition during the festival which explains the importance of the fort and the historical and political context of the area. For more details about this, you can also visit the Cultural Foundation, where you can find other exhibitions, interactive activities and installations that can help you have a better overlook on what the festival is really about.

When: 11-21 February 2015

Where: Qasr al Hosn

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