Events in UAE August 2015

Events in UAE August 2015

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Be part of the amazing and dynamic world in the UAE this month and check out the coolest events around!

Events in UAE August 2015: Dubai Panorama

August is perhaps the best month, when summer is in full bloom. That’s why now it’s the time to have all the fun and attend all the events in UAE August 2015 you missed until now! Make your schedule and gather up all the fun around!

1. Dubai Sports World 2015. If you don’t know about this event already, it’s time for you to see it! It’s a fun event that you shouldn’t miss since it includes all sorts of sports. It’s hosted at the Dubai World Trade Center and it will be available only until the 29th of August, so hurry up!

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2. Dubai Summer Surprises 2015. And since we are in Dubai, you have to know that this amazing city is waiting you with lots of surprises. for a month and a half (starting 23rd of July and ending on September 5th), here you can find extremely varied activities, suitable for the entire family. In August you have the chance to meet Jaden and Willow Smith and have your kids entertained with contests and games all month!

Events in UAE August 2015: Sports Events

3. Hans Klok, World’s Fastest Illusionist. In Abu Dhabi you will have the chance to see the fastest illusion in the world for the first time in the Middle East. Hans Klok is often compared to Harry Houdini, the master of escapes. You can find him on August 21 and 22 at DU Forum in Abu Dhabi.

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4. Mythbusters, Adam Savage Live. Since this summer is full of surprises when it comes to events in UAE August 2015, we continue our list with the live show of Mythbusters and Adam Savage. This show consists in live representations, experiments on the stage, videos and stories from behind the scenes. Needless to say, it’s the first time they come to the Middle East, so don’t miss a unique opportunity!

Events in UAE August 2015: Hans Klok

5. The Million Player (Electronic Football Competition). Just as the title says, the person who wins the competition of electronic football will receive AED 1 million. It lasts for 15 days (11 – 25 August) and it’s hosted at the Real Madrid Cafe in Dubai. As you can imagine, all the participants are eager to win, which makes it even more interesting! For spectators, the admission is free.

6. SIIMA 2015. The South Indian International Film Awards takes place on the 6th and 7th of August at the Dubai World Trade Center. Lots of celebrities are expected to show up at this event, so it’s not something you’d want to miss! The first evening is centered on the Telegu and Kannada languages, and the second one on Malayalam and Tamil. There is an admission fee too: Bronze- AED 75, Silver- AED 150, Gold AED- 250, Platinum- AED 750.

Events in UAE August 2015: SIIMA 2015

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