Explore Reem Island, an extraordinary location

Explore Reem Island, an extraordinary location

Reem Island is a fascinating place, but learn here how to discover a more unusual side of its touristic part.


Reem Island is a great place to be, whether you live there or you’re just visiting. And sometimes, visiting a place and understanding its essence isn’t just about tourist landmarks and cultural places, but also random walks and rambling through the streets when you simply need something. That’s why we prepared you a virtual and unusual tour and we invite you to explore Reem Island like you never did before!

One of the places you need to visit if you want to complete your experience in Reem Island is the Boudoir Beauty Lounge. A beautiful experience in visiting Reem Island needs to be completed with a spoiling session. Check out the newest make-up trends, girls, and let yourself spoiled with nail and hair services, from styling to experiments you wouldn’t have thought of ever trying! Not to mention the facials and massages that feel absolutely heavenly and will leave you with a great memory of when you decided to explore Reem Island!

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Next stop on our unusual tour here is Italianissimo. Yes, we know, you don’t go to Reem Island to try Italian cuisine, but if you live here or if you simply miss eating some good Italian food,  you should definitely check out this wonderful restaurant. It has a very comfy and homey atmosphere, plus you can find here a shop to buy souvenirs, from sunglasses to shoes, jewelry and many other items. Relax here with a cocktail or a sophisticated drink and take a break, observing the rest of the bustling city!

If you’re a coffee fan, you have to include on your list when you explore Reem Island Cafe Macondo. Stop for a moment of relaxation at this coffee shop and enjoy a quality coffee with beans brought from Colombia. Complete this delicious drink with croissants or empanadas and even meat pasties if you like, here you find it all.

Smoking Doll is another place you can’t miss when in Reem Island. It’s an Asian restaurant decorated in a minimalist style and it’s the perfect spot to try out new things. Why not remember Reem Island as the place where you first tried Thai cuisine (massaman curry is a great recommendation) or Singapore specific dishes (like chilli crab). You can find there lots of selections that will prove to be absolutely delicious. Yummy!

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Next stop to check whether you’re a tourist or not is the Ohara Flowers. Surprise your partner with a nice bouquet, gentlemen, or simply decorate your home with extremely beautiful flower arrangements. It’s the perfect place to be if you’re hosting a party or simply want to surprise someone, so  make sure you know where the point is located and how you can reach it.

The last stop of our plan to explore Reem Island is a high-class place, the Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi branch. If you’re young, you might want to consider enrolling here, it’s a great university and the city is awesome to live in. But if you don’t have such plans, you should simply visit the place for its architecture, art exhibitions or cultural events that are held there.

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