Fascinating Skylines of the World

Fascinating Skylines of the World

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The skyline of a city says a lot about it, especially about its economic development and size. Check out these skylines of world famous cities and successful tourist destinations!

Skylines of the world: Dallas

In the era of speed, the world is changing really fast. You can see the differences in your own hometown or country, but you have to know that some countries have developed really fast in the last 10 or 20 years. The industry, the development of technology and changes in lifestyle of urban people have led to the creation of new skylines of the world, some of them almost unrecognizable if you think of how the places looked decades ago.

Among the places who have changed a lot is of course, Dubai. Probably the most representative change when talking about skylines of the world, Dubai has had a stunning development in 20-30 years. The economic development was the resort that led to the building of numerous sky scrapers, not to mention the famous Burj Khalifa and the Burj al Arab. More than that, the landscape has been totally changed with the apparition of the man-made island and the huge highways that connect Dubai to other cities.

What other skyline is more famous than the New York one? All of us who have grew watching American movies or T.V. series are very familiar with the New York skyline, perhaps one of the most romantic ones ever. But even this one has changed once with the economic development and the building of hundreds of skyscrapers and office buildings.

Paris, city of lights and lovers, has not been forgiven by time and technology either. If in the 1900s you could find small streets with low houses that created the perfect background for the imposing Eiffel Tower, nowadays its tallness is challenged by the skyscrapers and industrial buildings that have emerged in this city.

London, another popular tourist destination and one of the most beautiful skylines of the world, is perhaps the city you’d expect to have changed a lot, given it has been greatly transformed by the industrial revolution. Glass buildings have replaced the concrete and even the wooden ones, so the general image of it has changed significantly. Still, a landmark you should visit remains the Eye of London.

Singapore has not remained the same either. Although it had tall buildings before too, they have morphed into huge blocks of flats and the city has been enriched with a building with an original design, the Marina Bay Sands. However, people there know that they need nature too, so you can find all throughout the city lots of green spaces, parks and gardens just perfect for a stroll.

One city that has not changed too much though is Venice. People there tried really hard to maintain that special romantic atmosphere and the famous architecture in the city, so a trip there feels like time traveling. What has been developed though is the tourist industry and the canals there, a great opportunity to enjoy a trip in a gondola.

Athens, a great destination for a seaside holiday and one of the great skylines of the world, hasn’t expended vertically, as you might expect after seeing the other examples, but horizontally. The population of the city grew more and more and so, thousands of new homes appeared, not forgetting the typical white construction, though.

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