Holiday Guide Destinations During EID. Eid Adha

Holiday Guide Destinations During EID. Eid Adha

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Experience a wonderful EID holiday!


EID is the time for celebration, love, appreciation and gratitude. This is the time when we celebrate faith with sweets, gifts and a well deserved holiday.

EID offers us the chance to relax our mind, to have a great time with our family, to enjoy world’s marvels in a little holiday.

I am sure you want to have a lot of fun this holiday and to enrich your cultural acknowledges, to see your family happy and relaxed and yourself full of energy.

I prepared for you a little holiday guide destinations during EID, selecting the best destinations for you and your beloved family which  will leave you for sure with fabulous memories.

1.  India- a menu of culture: India comes with uniqueness and colors. This place explodes of entertainment, vibrancy and colors. Because Ramadan feast in one of the most important festivals in India, you must experience your holiday here.

You will relish  yourself with wonderful landscapes and different cultural experiences. The menu consists in: hilly terrains, ancient history, golden beaches, nostalgic villages and an urban lifestyle which will really impress you. If you choose to visit India, it is without question that your time will not be enough for visiting and enjoying all the experiences India offers you. Reasonable prices is another benefit and the people here are very friendly and hospitable. I would definitely put India on my holiday guide destinations.




Muscat, Oman enchanted beaches : This destination is perfect for those who want to meditate on golden private beaches, to refresh their body in a fancy spa and to enjoy fabulous dishes in marvelous restaurant. This place offers discounts until September 30 so make sure you already bought a ticket to this destination.




Sri Lanka: the place of energy: For me and for many others this place is a must, being one of the most favorite places to visit during the EID holiday. This place is full of positive energy and dynamism. It is proud with its lovely destination and it is inviting you to have fun and to leave all your problems far away from you. Sri Lanka is the mother of incredible dishes and your children will be delighted to know that here they will find the most exciting water sports and for you ladies an eccentric shopping experience waits for you.  I promise you, that fabulous time waits for you!




Mauritius- luxury rises: You will fall in love immediately with this incredible place. Its beauties will fascinate you. This destination is a must, if not this year, next year for sure, because the beauties you will encounter here are just astonishing.

Crystal seas and white-golden beaches, all of these expect for you. This is a luxury destination which will impress you without doubt. Many and many travelers say that this destination become affordable so it is an experience everyone should taste. The locals will celebrate the Ramadan fest and they are happy when tourist join them.



Thailand- the land of surprises one of the greatest place for you and your family. This destination is a diamond jewel on my destinations guide list. Here fun, friends, exotic experiences, tropical forests, views enjoyed from enormous skyscrapers, this place has them all. Just pack your things and let this place amaze you. The best think is that the entire zone is an oasis of distressing and calming your body and mind.






I am confident that you will take into consideration my holiday guide destination during EID and you will have the time of your life.




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