The Hottest Event of the Year: Cityscape Abu Dhabi

The Hottest Event of the Year: Cityscape Abu Dhabi

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Cityscape Abu Dhabi is the hottest event of the year when it comes to real estate in Abu Dhabi!

Cityscape Abu Dhabi: Real Estate Evolution

For those of you who are interested in buying, selling or simply in seeing the estate evolution in Abu Dhabi this year, Cityscape Abu Dhabi is an event you can’t miss! It’s a must for all the investors, the regional authorities, architects, developers, consulting engineers and real estate advisors, so whether you’re planning to move, to build or to sell, you should definitely be present for specialized advice and consulting.

But what’s happening there actually? Well, Cityscape Abu Dhabi is a place where you can see developers from all around the world showcasing their current and their future projects in what means real estate, as well as other developments in this domain. There will also be a VIP networking reception, which is a great opportunity for any international or regional executive to meet other executives and to make connections in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

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There will also be an invitation-only seminar, the Market Overview Forum, where media, government officials, investors and developers meet. The topics here are the problems real estate is facing right now, especially in Abu Dhabi, and future issues that are predicted to appear. This event has been especially imagined as an exclusivist one with the purpose of facilitating the interconnections between the newest market data and specialized opinions regarding the Abu Dhabi properties. Therefore, only senior professionals and policy makers can attend this.

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Cityscape Abu Dhabi also organizes tours of Masdar City. If you haven’t heard about it until now, Masdar City is 17 km away from Abu Dhabi and it’s a sustainable urban development zone. Also, it’s economic free, which makes it a very interesting place to visit. It’s actually a green city that managed to combine flawlessly Arabic architecture in a traditional manner and the latest and the most modern technology when it comes to using natural resources for producing energy. That’s why it’s a great place to visit and to get some inspiration from, with its sustainable environment and the integrated and commercial zones that leave some space for further developments. And it’s definitely a shot you can’t miss if you’re interested in real estate!

Finally, if you’re planning to get there, you should know some technical information before hitting the road. Cityscape Abu Dhabi lasts for three days, from Tuesday 21st of April until Thursday 23rd of April. It is open on all three days from 10:00 to 19:00 and you cannot entry if you haven’t previously registered. Of course, no registration is accepted for people who are under 18. There is also a required dress code, business or traditional, so you might want to make sure your outfit is adequate for the meeting. The place where you have to be is the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, so make sure you know how to get there. Also, you should think about finding some lodging in advance, because it is a popular period and you might not find any places at hotels then. Other than that, enjoy the event and make some use of it!

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