How to Prevent Pet’s Destructive Behavior

How to Prevent Pet’s Destructive Behavior

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Pets have an unusual way to show us that they don't want to be left alone!


Animals are wonderful. They really color our lives and make us more active and full of energy. They feel when we are sad and they try to show us their love by doing different things to make us smile. Animals are very intelligent but they’re also very playful and active and of course they will start destroying some pieces of furniture here and there but not because they are bad but because that’s their nature.

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How can we prevent pet’s destructive behavior or at least how can we minimize it? 

When we refer to dogs we know that they love to chew and it is important to know that they chew for some specific reasons like: puppies will chew for their teeth, they can chew because they are bored or because their instinct tell them so, they can be anxious or uncomfortable with the surroundings or if you leave them home alone they will start chewing as a response to their sadness.


The important thing is to identify the cause and then to find a way to make them stop chewing.

If you’re dog chews different objects in the house it probably does so because it is bored or it wants to play more, exercise and physical activity because it has too much energy. If you buy it special chew toys will also help not chewing your furniture or shoes.

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Yours absence affects it  because it is nervous and anxious and it will start chewing. Here you need to treat the anxiety of the dog. There are specialized dog behaviorists who will use dog socialization, desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques to diminish and cure separation anxiety.

You have to apply discipline corrections and this requires to catch it chewing. You need to catch it doing it because it needs to associate punishment with the act of chewing. When you catch it doing it stop it with a loud verbal command or noise and when it stops, give it a chew toy and when it stops chewing it than give it a praise or a positive reinforcement.

It is also important  to choose the right toy for it. Don’t buy tows which look like shoes or something from the house because he won’t make the difference.


You can use deterrents which are products that can be applied to household objects and smell or taste unpleasant so it will discourage your dog from chewing them. These products are totally harmful to dogs but not for humans.

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For more advice you have to consult your veterinary. Keep loving your pet! 



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