Lovely and Easy Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception

Lovely and Easy Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception

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A wedding reception must be glowing in order to feel it like it is truly the most special day of your life.

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After all the chaos of the holidays will be done and all the wedding proposals will be officiated the seasons of weddings will begin and because right now we look for things to relax our brain in order to feel fresh for the New Year’s Eve let’s take a look at some lovely and easy decorating ideas for a wedding reception.

A wedding reception doesn’t have to be too extravagant or too opulent. I personally advise you to make it your own.You need to feel your visions and wishes in the entire wedding including the wedding reception because that is why it is called the most special day of your life. 

Be creative but take it simple, don’t over exaggerate just let your imagination play and the result will astonish you. 

First and maybe the most important thing for most of the brides is the flower decoration. A weeding without the perfect flowers is not a dream weeding. It is something about the chosen flowers that give energy to everything around you including the guests.

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If you are a playful person who loves creating its own decorations than your weeding will be a real spectacle for you and a fantastic way to show everybody what you can create. I advise you to opt for small colored flowers and to personally create their vases with your personal touch.

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A more elegant touch will definitely be brought by a vintage flower decoration which will not only impress everyone with uniqueness but with simplicity and charm too. For a more brilliant visual impact choose a tea pot with small lovely cups.

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A perfumed weeding will be a happy weeding. A bride always wants her guests happy and satisfied and what I personally think it would impress everyone would be bright orchids which are simple but their perfume is incredible. Decorate your guests’ chairs with bright orchids and the entire wedding reception will be perfumed and it will look fabulous.

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For a very well organized wedding you should take into consideration a seating board where every guest will find their names and their table and in this way you avoid chaos or unsatisfied guests. Try to personalize it for a more interesting view. It is up to you how you want it to look, just make sure it is placed near the door everyone is entering.

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If you intend you wedding to last until late in the night, you should consider some elegant lamps. Try to match the style of the lamps with the other decorations because everything must look impeccable afterwards it is you who is celebrated and your beloved one. It would be good to make sure you find a way to hide the cables, because you will need electricity for the lamps. Surround the lamps with flowers and you will be very proud of what you have created.

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You know what would be really original? To have handcrafted menus. If you are talented in handwriting or you know people who are than you will have the most fabulous menus on the history of weddings. Personalized food menus written by hand are something unique, desired by everyone. Although if you don’t know anyone talented in writing, hire a student who has this special talent. They don’t ask for huge prices and they really know what they are doing.

wedding reception handwriding menus home caprice

If you were lucky enough to be proposed these holidays than make sure your wedding will be really special. 


  1. These wedding decorations are so amazing. I would love to have a reception hall decorated in flowers and lights for my wedding. I particularly like the picture with the three pink chandeliers over the table. I’ll have to see if I can convince my fiance to let me decorate the venue we choose in pink.

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