Most Famous Traditional Food from Dubai

Most Famous Traditional Food from Dubai

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Nothing compares to a home made dinner!

With a brand new decorated kitchen which invites us to explore it and to inaugurate it, today I will present you some of the most famous traditional food from Dubai which you must experience in your new beautiful modern kitchen.

I bet you can’t wait to cook something which will perfume the entire house and your family will be all gathered in the kitchen to see what smells so incredible.

Make your new kitchen happy and your house happier and inaugurate the kitchen with traditional dishes from Dubai.

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I will start with the most famous dish in Dubai Stuffed Camel which is perfect for a family dinner. This dish is even mention in Guiness Book so you family will be thrilled to have such a special dinner dish. This is not only a special dish but a luxurious one too. Some people even think of it as a myth :). Roasted camel stuffed with chicken, eggs, fish and sheep. This food used to be served by royal people so make sure your family knows its history.

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The next dish is perfect for an impressive lunch. It is often served in luxurious restaurants and people just love it. You should really try make it at home together with your children and have a fabulous time together.  Al Harees is the name of the next dish, being an iconic exotic taste of UAE, Its preparation takes a while so that is why it would be a good idea to prepare it together with your family. You must mix a pinch of salt in a pot, than you add meat and cook the mixture until it gains a smoothness of texture and taste. After that you must bake it for several hours and only after this it can be served.


Next dish is elegant and more than tasty. Falafel it is very famous among Arab East people. In Israel people eat it as a snack but everybody falls in love with its flavors. It is something between French fries with Arabic colorto. It is often served as a side dish in combination with chickpeas and various spices.


Everybody knows and everybody tried at least once Hummus. Made from chickpeas, olive oil, tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic and salt, served with pita bread. This is the perfect appetizer or snack but in any case it is fabulously tasty. You and your family really need to experience home made hummus which will be the reason for always cooking at home.

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Shawarma is an Arab traditional food which now is international and everybody loves it. This is the most eaten food in Dubai and maybe in the entire world. Made from lamb or chicken meat, many colorful vegetables, fries, pickles, garlic sauce or mayo. We already know that the recipe can be made after your own visions and tastes.

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