Top 10 Nightlife Cities Around the World

Top 10 Nightlife Cities Around the World

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Check out this amazing list with the cities that have the most fabulous nightlife in the world!

Nightlife Cities: Houston, Texas

If one of your passions is traveling, then you definitely need to know which are the cities most famous for their nightlife. Enjoy every one of them and make sure you don’t miss the fun there!

1. Dublin (Ireland). Here in Dublin you can find the famous Trinity College, the college that has become an epitome of student life all over the world. Also, the Temple bar area is full of nightclubs and the beer is abundantly found almost anywhere! Cheers to that!

2. Belgrade (Serbia). A pleasant surprise in our top 10 nightlife cities all around the world is Belgrade. Even though it doesn’t have that many attractions besides this, its nightlife is indeed stunning. Here you can find riverboat clubs and you can’t miss the Savamaia district, where it’s all about dancing!

3. La Paz (Bolivia). The capital with the highest altitude in the world maintains its title when it comes to the nightlife too. There are lots of nightclubs and dancing venues where you can warm yourself and have a tasty drink.

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4. Sao Paulo (Brazil). Brazil, the country of samba and livin’ la vida loca, couldn’t have missed this top 10 nightlife cities with at least this city, Sao Paulo. Learn to dance samba, bossa nova and many other styles if you don’t know already, or practice them in the hottest dancing venues!

5. San Juan (Puerto Rico). A hot spot on the map of the most vivid cities all over the world, San Juan is often overlooked by tourists. It’s a shame, since you’ll find here exotic dance clubs where you can practice your moves and relax with a pina colada next to you! Let the rumba flow through you!

6. Goa (India). Even if you are fascinated with the two different worlds you will encounter in India, please make some time to visit Goa and enjoy the stunning nightlife here! The beaches are great, and make sure you don’t miss the experience of a beach party.

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7. Ibiza (Spain). Who would miss the famous Ibiza? Its fame has a solid base, the club circuit famous worldwide. It isn’t for nothing that it was included on our top 10 nightlife cities! So make sure you go there and fully enjoy the atmosphere!

8. Houston (Texas). The fine Texas atmosphere is waiting for you here, in Houston. Get your cowboy boots and your passion for country and club music and come here to have fun!

9. Thessaloniki (Greece). This city is not great only for its beaches and seaside, but also for the marvelous nightclubs you can find there and the exotic atmosphere. Put your dance shoes on and come here!

10. Baku (Azerbaijan). The coolest bar scene in the entire country (and perhaps world) expects you here in Azerbaijan. Although it’s not a popular tourist destination, you can be sure that its nightlife is more than delightful and that you won’t regret a minute traveling here. Enjoy your trip!

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