Top 10 Vienna Attractions

Top 10 Vienna Attractions

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Vienna is a very hot tourist destination and one that you totally need to include on your travel list this year!

Vienna Attractions: Schoenbrunn Palace

Vienna is one of the greatest destinations in Europe, searched by millions of tourists every year. And if you’re still wondering whether you should visit it, here you have top 10 Vienna attractions you can’t miss!

1. Historical Center. No visit to Vienna is complete without admiring the historical center. What makes it truly special is the architecture and the romantic atmosphere, perfect for a couple holiday or who knows, for meeting your significant other!

2. Schoenbrunn Palace. This palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna and if you visit it, you’ll understand why. Everybody loves the original furnishings and the lovely garden outside, just great for a stroll in a baroque style!

3. Belvedere Palace and Museum. For a cultural insight on the Austrian history and art, you can visit Belvedere Palace and Museum, which hosts the Museum of Medieval Austrian Art and the Museum of Austrian Baroque.

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4. St Stephen’s Cathedral. Also knows as the Stephansdom in Vienna, it is definitely worth it to be included in the top 10 Vienna attractions, not only for the fact that it’s a national symbol and the views it offers over the city, but also for the amazing architecture and roof.

5. Stephansplatz. After visiting the wonderful Stephansdom, you can totally relax and go for a stroll in the Stephansplatz. It offers you the opportunity to take in all the beautiful architecture Vienna has to offer and to observe how life unravels in this great city!

6. Central Cemetery Zentralfriedhof. Yes, we know, it’s quite unusual to recommend a cemetery as a tourist attraction, especially in Vienna where there are hundreds of other things to do and see. But what if it were the second largest cemetery in Europe and at the same time the resting place for Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert and Brahms?

7. Christmas Market. If you decide to visit Vienna during winter, you should totally take your time and visit properly the Christmas Market. It’s simply a fairy tale sight! Admire the Christmas trees, the snow and the magical atmosphere for a Christmas just like in the movies!

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8. Imperial Treasury. Another interesting cultural landmark in this historical city is the Imperial Treasury. Wonderful for those who are passionate about history and unique artifacts, here is the place to come if you love seeing royal clothing, weapons or jewelry!

9. University in Vienna. Even if you’re not planning on attending any of the classes there, you can walk in and see the main square. Admire the wonderful architecture that makes this place worthy of top 10 Vienna Attractions and look at the great decor they have there!

10. St. Anna’s Church. Last but not least, you should totally visit St. Anna’s Church. Whether you are religious or not, the decor and the paintings here are simply stunning! Vivid colors and amazing detail, there are what makes you visit the church not only once, but every time you’ll happen to be in Vienna and have some spare time!

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