Top 7 Most Loved Cafes in Abu Dhabi

Top 7 Most Loved Cafes in Abu Dhabi

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You don't just drink a coffee, you experience it!

Abu Dhabi is the place where you will find in a second of blinking a perfect place where to start your morning, enjoying a delicious coffee, or to relax your mind reading a book in a graceful cafe while you enjoy a marvelous lunch.

When it’s about finding a place which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, there is no time for worries because everywhere you look you will see remarkable cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs. 

Let’s see a top of 7 most loved cafes in Abu Dhabi.

Café Arabia: This lovely place is no longer seen like an ordinary cafe, this is a place where people go to find peace and flavors. Full of light and flavors, having art exhibitions, even a little library and crafts for sale, this place is for creative people, full of imagination. Outside you can enjoy o coffee under colorful umbrellas, or you can relish yourself with a book while you sit comfortable on a couch inside. This is a place where you can go at any time. The menu is a vast combination of classic dishes and more sophisticated foods. You can taste a tabbouleh or hummus which is a traditional dish or you can always opt for a desert such as cakes. You will be impressed by their freshness and by the calmness of the staff which respect your needs for quietness. The experience here will leave you with a lovely memory.




Emporio Armani Cafe .  You’ll find this Cafe in the Galleria Mall on Maryah Island, where you can relax on a nice and cosy terrace with a beautiful view of the water. The concept which inspire this cafe is the elegance of the Armani branding. If you want to visit this cafe, make sure you go for a breakfast because you will be impressed by flavors and creativity and the coffee’s taste is rich and strong. Take a look at the drink menu and try one of the strawberry fresh.


Jones The Grocer: If you are searching for a place where you can taste the most magic desserts which will make you dream at princesses and princes than this is the place  for you. Some people say that this place serves the best coffee in the city. Everybody comes here because the food is astonishingly tasty and healthy. The combination between exotic and classic is magic on the plate. You will always encounter jolly people with a big friendly smile on their faces. Here you go to find happiness: colors, creative sandwiches, incredible cakes and tarts. Take your family and live the experience of this cafe. You will come for more.



Le Café  is an adventure. Located in the Emirates Palace, here you must go decided to experience every flavor and you have to be prepared to wait for your turn because an enormous number of people come here. Here is about luxury and that is why you need to know how to enjoy this place. If you go here you must try a 24-carat gold cappuccino, you can’t come here and not try it. Wealthy people visit this cafe and they enjoy elegance because they know they deserve it.



The Living Room Café is a beautiful traditional cafe designed with Arabian details. Located in the Khalidiyah Village this cafe gives you intimacy. You can really feel like home in here. This place offers a large play area for children so you don’t have to worry about them getting bored while you enjoy a remarkable coffee. The menu is full of chicken fresh dishes, a vast collection of starters like garlic bread, pies, salads, pastas even burgers and pizza. You will find this place extraordinary given the fact that people are in love with their deserts.



WhEAT If you are searching for style, chicness and futurist and minimalist combinations this place has them all. Is the perfect place where you can wear a new marvelous dress while you enjoy an elegant coffee. This place creates art. They play with bread and create incredible dishes. Visit this place and make sure you taste a playful sandwich.




Organic Foods and Café for those who health is a religion, this cafe really cares about freshness. You really need to visit this place if you are searching for organic food which will give you energy for all week. You will feel comfortable in a bright and airy space, while you take care of your body. There is nothing more important than health., isn’t it?



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Hope you will really have a great time visiting these most loved cafes in Abu Dhabi.  Have an extraordinary experience!


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