Traditional Christmas food around the World

Traditional Christmas food around the World

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You know what would be amazing for Christmas? To have a dinner that combines traditional food around the world.

In the previous articles we saw several lovely ideas of outside or inside Christmas decorations along with fabulous ideas of Christmas cookies, because everyone in the entire world bakes cookies for Christmas. Today we are going to learn about what nations around the world cook as traditional Christmas food and maybe steal some ideas for our own Christmas dinner. There would be nothing more unique and nicer than have a mixed traditional food around the world, which would definitely impress everyone sitting at the table.

Having a Christmas dinner which combines different traditional Christmas food around the world will be absolutely something everyone will remember and you will become a master chef.

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Europe specially is famous for its Christmas dishes. The Christmas dinner takes place on 24 December and the tables are full of marvels.

In Italy for example, people have a real fish feast for Christmas. They cook 7 different species of fish: calamari, linguini with clams, shrimp scampi and many others. Italian are really serious about the Christmas dinner and they want to show their grattitude to Jesus in a fabulous manner.

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Gernany has its own feast with roast goose and red cabbage which are the stars of the Christmas dinner. Everything goes around an old legend that says that those persons who don’t have a great meal on Christmas Eve, demons will haunt them and Germans take this legend very serious so they cook in big style.

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Portugal is extremely inventive and colorful as always of course and they have a traiditonal egg cake which comes in the shape of sea lamprey. This is actually a luxurious dish which you will encounter in those wealthy families’ Christmas dinner. It tastes incredibly good and children adore it because it has a playful look.

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In Romania, people love soups. You will always find soup at someone’s house if you visit Romania and Christmas is no exception. Romanians make a fantastic Ciorpa de Perisoare soup. Perisoare are actually tasty meatballs and the vegetable delicious soup is fantastic. What else would make you feel better after you ate all the dishes before?

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Spain does it with style. It seems they really know how to make a Christmas dinner look elegant and full of style and grace. Their traditional Chirstmas food is turkey stuffed with truffles. It look phenomenal and the aromas are heavenly. Even Santa Claus will show his face for this meal because it is simply fantastic. You will adore it instantly,

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Greece show its finece once again. At the main course Greeks serve Chicken Soup Avgolemono. Blend chicken, lemons, eggs and rice, a specific traditional soup, which has become world-wide famous for its incredible taste and flavous. I would definitely choose this for my main Christmas course.

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