What to visit In the Fascinating India

What to visit In the Fascinating India

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India is indeed everything you've ever heard of and everything you haven't. Both beauty and ugliness, richness and poverty, an unforgettable blend that will make you want to come back again and again.

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When it comes to tourism, India is indeed a real life experience. Everyone has heard lots of things about it and probably most of them are true. India is life, it’s an unique combination of beauty and ugliness, of riches and poverty, of old and new. But what’s there to visit in India?

Kochi – a place, faraway for our imaginations.

Kochi is one of the biggest port-cities in India. It rests next to the Arabian Sea and it has a population of more than 600.000 inhabitants. It’s quite antique and it preserves and old world atmosphere, but it’s still part of the fascinating India. The downside would be that it’s quite dirty and crowded, but you will be willing to overlook this when you will discover the true essence of the people there. However, the traffic there will completely blow your mind! Although apparently there’s a complete chaos, nobody seems to be disturbed by that. Traffic signs are almost inexistent, nobody cares about giving you priority to cross, everybody is constantly using the car horns, sometimes you have to walk on the other side of the road and many, many other things. Still, accidents happen quite rarely because apparently there is some kind of order in that chaos.

Thekkady- an amazing wild place

Another beautiful city, another great stop in the fascinating India. It’s considered a heaven for natural spices, such as black pepper or cinnamon. It’s an oasis of greenness, with an extraordinary vegetation, clean, with welcoming and nice people. This is the iconic image of India: monkeys jumping on trees, deers in the forest and last but not least, elephants. You can have long walks in the nature but also enjoy the experience of a safari.

Mumbai/Bombay – unforgettable life experience

The biggest city in India, with a population of more than 20 million people, Mumbai is perhaps the most famous attraction in the country. It’s a colorful city, full of temples for all the gods, a melting pot of Hindu people, Christians, Muslims and many, many others. If you want to visit a Hindu temple, be careful, because only vegan people are allowed to enter. Whoever eats meat, vegetables or fruits and vegetables grown underground are forbidden to visit them. Like everywhere in India, there are a lot of contrasts: people sleeping on the streets vs. opulent commercials and stores. The downside of this city is that it’s very, very polluted and the smells around are hard to take. Here you have to visit Dhobi Ghat, one of the biggest laundry in the this part of world. Here you will see the real face of india, people who work most of the time for nothing, in a very rudimentary way to clean clothes which are bring here from the 5 stars hotels. Interesting to see, how

Food is an important thing when you visit India. Of course, people here usually eat very spicy, so careful if you’re not into this type of food or if you have any problems with your stomach. Also, pay much attention to the place where you’re going to eat. Choose clean and decent places, as much as you’d want to try out the local and rustic eateries. Here in Kochi, being a city located close to the sea, people eat a lot of fish or sea shells, which are very tasty and always fresh.

Advertisement: Do not drink water from the public places, even when you buy a bottle of water make sure that it s still sealed. Do not travel alone in the night and be aware all the time. It,s a fascinating crazy world!

Bottom line is that fascinating India is very attractive and, although it has its downsides, it’s a life experience that you’ll never forget and it will certainly change your perspective on certain things.

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