Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

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When in Dubai, you definitely have to try the Arabic food and its wonderful flavors. For this, you will need to go to the best restaurants around, so have a look at this top 10 best restaurants in Dubai for something that will make your holiday extraordinary.

Al Qasr surroundings

Dubai is a fascinating city, perhaps the jewel of the UAE. A cradle of luxury and fine living, Dubai is a great tourist attraction and a place you have to see at least once in your life. If you get to see it, you simply must try the Arabic cuisine, which is extremely tasty. In this case you will need to check this top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai, so that you can enjoy the best of your trip!

Al Qasr. Specialized mainly in Lebanese cuisine, this restaurant is great for trying out Arabic specialties too. You have to try the tender meat entrees and the appetizers or deserts here!

Al Basha. Here you will find not only Arabic cuisine, but also an Arabic atmosphere. Belly dancers, a great view, exceptional dining and what can you want more? Also, a must have here are the great meat entrees that everyone loves in the Arabic cuisine.

Awtar. Placed in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, this restaurant might be a little more expensive, but it’s totally worth it. It has a lovely interior and a very vast array of dishes to choose from, all according to the Arabic cuisine principles.

Cafe Arabesque. If you’re open to new things, this is the place to be. This restaurant deserves its place among the top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai with its extra salad bar and dessert bar. They are very rich and you have a great variety of options.

Olive House. This is another excellent restaurant here in Dubai that will certainly open your eyes on the Arabic cuisine. For sure that after you’ll taste the pita bread, the labneh, zaatar or baba ghanoush, you’ll become a fan of this type of cuisine.

XVA Cafe. Here, the great experience you’ll get from the food will only be equaled by the beautiful scenery around. Placed in a courtyard area, it’s surrounded by engaging galleries and bonus points: it caters also to vegetarian people. So if you’re a vegetarian, this is place to go for experimenting the Arabic cuisine.

Saj Express. If you’re on the go between two tourist attractions to visit, then you would perhaps prefer the Saj Express restaurant. It’s specialized in a fast service catering, not leaving aside the Arabic cuisine though. Among the most popular dishes here are the chicken shawarmas, the fattoush and the lamb sandwiches.

Ewaan. More than the food here, what’s fantastic about Ewaan is that it has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. You can dine away and see the Burj Dubai, or you can choose to stay inside. Either way, the highlights here are the beef and seafood dishes and the vast array of desserts.

Cafe Bateel. Arabic cuisine is excellent here, but what makes the restaurant worthy of the top 10 Arabic restaurants in Dubai are the excellent desserts there. Definitely, that’s not a place for those who are on a diet!

Now that you have an idea about the most popular Arabic restaurants in Dubai, it’s all up to you where you decide to spoil yourself with an Arabic meal.

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