Visiting Holland – Main Highlights

Visiting Holland – Main Highlights

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Holland is indeed a fascinating country, and even more so through its wonderful landscapes and great activities you have to do when you get there!

Visiting Holland: Windmills

A special destination for many people, Holland is generally known as the country of tulips and wooden shoes. But for those who dare to take an adventure and go far more than that, there are lots of others interesting things when visiting Holland and you can say that it’s indeed a life-changing experience.


If you’re talking about attractions when visiting Holland, you won’t regret a thing. You can see for yourself the wonderful fields of colorful tulips that you have seen for so long on TV or in the movies. Besides that, you can enjoy long walks in the parks everywhere or boat rides on the canals. And if you’re looking for some fun, this is the right place to be: you have lots of zoos around (Blijdorp, Dolfinarium Safaripark Beekse Bergen or the Apenhaul), not to mention the fun-parks (Madurodam, Duinrell and the Efteling). More than that, you can find there lots of water sports facilities for those who are passionate about sports.

Cities to See

Of course, the number one on this list is Amsterdam, the famous city of guilty pleasures. For those of you who have never heard of Amsterdam, here you can find the famous Red District, full of pleasures, and lots of shops who sell drugs which are legal there. Next on the list you have Rotterdam, a great port where you can’t miss the zoo and the market hall, which is awesome! When visiting Holland, you should make sure to go to the Hague too, where you need to visit the market and the royal picture gallery.


There are lots of options for accommodation here, besides the classic hotels. For those who are on a budget when visiting Holland, you can always choose a hostel or a bed & breakfast option. Alternatively, you can choose to rent an apartment for as long as you stay or to check-in at a guesthouse, but the best options are holiday homes and holiday parks. Besides offering you the needed facilities, they also keep the picturesque air and the specific of the place, making you feel like you’re really a Dutch man. The prices for each and every accommodation type differ from season to season and from area to area, so it would be advisable to be well informed before visiting Holland.


In what concerns the quality of food in Holland, you have to know that this country receives more and more Michelin stars every year for its great restaurants. Don’t mix up the French of Belgian cuisine for the Dutch one, because there are different dishes that reflect the local taste. Probably the best advantage of the Dutch cuisine is that it uses fresh ingredients that are grown locally depending on the season. If you’re in Amsterdam, for instance, and you want to try one of the best restaurants there, you have to choose between Ciel Bleu, Bord’eau, Lastage or La Rive. Of course, there are many, many others which have received lots of Michelin stars. Enjoy!

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