Utmost Chocolate Cake

Utmost Chocolate Cake

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Enjoy the luxury of chocolate!


Everybody loves chocolate. Chocolate increases the level of endorphin  so we feel much happier. When we are happy we are more inventive and creative so we start seeing the world in a different way.

That is why today we will learn how to prepare an utmost chocolate cake which will revolutionize  our tastes and it will definitely change our expectations.


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Let’s see what you need for this amazing chocolate cake: 

200 high quality dark chocolate, about 70 % cocoa solids

200g fine butter

1 tbsp instant coffee granules

85 g self-raising flour

85 g plain flour

1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

200 g fresh muscovado sugar

200 g golden caster sugar

25 g cocoa powder

3 eggs

75 ml buttermilk

grated chocolate for the decor


Preparation: First of all preheat the oven 140 C/ conventional 160C/ Gas. Take the dark chocolate and break it into medium pieces. The butter must be cut into pieces and mixed with the chocolate, then mix 1 tbsp coffee into 123 ml cold water and then pour into the pan. Everything must be melted but don’t overheat them. You can do this in a microwave. As the chocolate is melting you mix 85 g self-raising flour, 85 g plain flour, 1/4 bicarbonate of soda, 200 fresh sugar, 200 g golden sugar and 25 g cocoa powder everything in a large bowl. Take the eggs and beat them in another bowl and add 75 ml of buttermilk.

The melted chocolate and the egg mixture must be poured into the flour mixture you’ve just done, mix them until they are well blended and the consistency begins to be smooth. The mixture is put then in the tin. The process of baking must last 1 hour -25. A good idea would be if you put a skewer in the center. Leave it in the tin to cool and than take it off to coll completely.

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When the cake is entirely cold, cut it in an horizontal way into three pieces. The ganache will require 200 dark chocolate chopped in small pieces and added into a bowl,  you’ll pour 284 double cream into a pan and you have to add 2 tbsp golden sugar and heat them until they boil. Take it off and pour it all over the chocolate. Mix until the chocolate is melted and the entire mixture is creamy.

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The layers will be put together like in a sandwich and add just a little of the ganache. The rest of it will come over the cake and let it to fall down freely and help it with a palette to be smoother. Take the grated chocolate and decorate it as you wish.


Enjoy chocolate!


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