Become a happy tenant

Become a happy tenant

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Make sure you check everything before you sign any contracts!

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Well we all know how important is the step of moving into a rented home. Besides being an important step it is also exciting because you don’t know what events will you  encounter. Because Summer Holiday is over and hundreds of students will start a fresh new year, they will start searching for a place to rent.

If you want to avoid possible conflicts, which inevitable appear among tenants and landlords, here are some tips for being a loyal and appreciated tenant. 

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Make sure before you move or before you sign any contract, that the fees are those who were said in the first place. You don’t want any surprises like more money or more taxes or a bigger commission for the sale agent.  Most of the owners demand a hand over deposit for a month or more, and you need to pay a guarantee so make sure you know all these before you decide to move in. It is very important not to pay for things that don’t concern you like old debts or fines.

Read the agreement very carefully before you sign it! If more people move there and all together sign the same contract that it’s a joint tenancy, if each of you signs a different one, than it is a separate tenancies. It is very important that the agreement to include all the relevant information. You must know if the rent you pay includes the bills also , or these have to be paid separately, also be careful at the rules: if pets are allowed, guest, smoking, noise thing like that. It is excruciating to know that if you signed a joint tenancy if one of your colleagues doesn’t pay his or her rent you have to pay it instead.


There is a government-approved tenancy deposit protection scheme in order for your cash to be protected.  You have to ask about this before you sign any contract.

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Usually the landlord will ask for a guarantor and often this is more close relative like your mother or father or brother. This is the procedure because in case you don’t pay for your rent the person in charge will have to pay it for you. The tricky part here is that the guarantor will have to pay also for those who didn’t pay it in case of a joint tenancy.

Before you move in make sure the inventory is done and if it is accurate. This means that a list of everything that it is in the house is made including furniture, carpets, curtains, appliances, crockery and cutlery. It must also include the condition of them, you don’t want to be accused of breaking something which was already broke. Make photos for evidence.


In what concerns your bills make sure you pay them on time because you don’t want any penalties which will cost you even more.


It is very important to check if you are safe. Ask about a fire safety, check the gas appliances, make sure somebody in charge with these come every month to see if everything is ok. A possession insurance will be also a good idea.

Avoid making a joint tenancy because you might get in an argue with one of your colleagues and you might want him or her to leave and you can’t do anything if there so. If your name is on the bill contract, you will have to pay for everything so avoid this.

As I said make photos of what is inside the house, keep all the bills in order because you might never know when you need them.

When you want to move out or your contract expired, you must have 10 days time to find another place. You must clean all the house and if you broke something you need to pay for it.

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Hope you won’t have problems at your new house and your stay here will be beautiful and comfortable! Become a happy tenant . 



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