Things to Know When You Want to Rent in Saadiyat Island

Things to Know When You Want to Rent in Saadiyat Island

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If you want to move and to rent in Saadiyat Island, read on and find out what are the most recent prices in this popular location in Abu Dhabi.

Rent in Saadiyat Island: Luxury Apartments

Saadiyat Island is the most luxurious place you can find to rent a beautiful home and to spoil yourself in every possible way. There is no wish you can’t fulfill to yourself here in Saadiyat, and that applies to your living quality too. This is for sure a living place for those who are not on a budget and who want to get the best in life!

For bachelors, a great idea is to rent a studio. The yearly rent in Saadiyat Island is around 110.000 AED for a studio, and that includes sharing facilities, a multipurpose court, parking places, gym, wardrobes and even a barbecue area. For one bedroom apartments, you can find prices starting from 145.000 AED per year, up to 150.000 AED. There are apartments with one bedroom and one or two bathrooms, open kitchen and wonderful views, it all depends on how much you choose to pay for this.

Two bedroom apartments are great for families with kids who look to rent in Saadiyat Island. The cheapest ones start from 170.000 AED per year and may reach even 190.000 AED, for the ones with 3 bathrooms and an area of 1.500 square feet. For numerous families, it’s time to find out what are the prices for three-bedroom apartments. The yearly rent for such an apartment starts from 220.000 AED and goes as far as 240.000 AED, varying between 4 or 5 bathrooms, access to spa, sauna, gym or parking spots and even beach view. Even so, everybody here has a quick access to the beach, offering you the possibility to go to the beach every time you want. Alternatively, you can always look for an apartment building which offers pool access all day long.

For those who are looking for more space, villas are perfect. The ones with 4 bedrooms can cost around 1.200.000 AED per year. There are also villas with 6 bedrooms, great for very large families or even several bachelors who want to share a villa. The yearly rent for such a villa starts from 600.000 – 650.000 AED and go as much as 800.000 – 850.000 AED. Almost all of the villas with 6 bedrooms have minimum 6 bathrooms, and some of them even 8. The prices might seem very high, but in fact the costs split between all those who want to live there. And in the end, the facilities and the place of the villa have a sure impact on the final price.

However, what’s more important when choosing a place to rent in Saadiyat Island is to be very well informed before signing any contract or deciding upon an apartment or villa. Try to verify the prices you see with various sources and remember that if a price looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Once you find the perfect spot for you, relax and spoil yourself in this wonderful luxury location that will leave with an excellent impression, mostly due to its location, view and life style.

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